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Little Red Kings

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On 13 November 2018
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A great album from a band you really need to check out.

Norwich band Little red kings are a Norwich based band, who have recorded this, their new album, at their own studio (Goat pen studios). Little red kings play music that’s primarily roots rock with alternative rock and blues influences. If that seems like it’s not a particularly helpful description then think Free or Black Crowes with a modern twist. To really get an idea of how they sound, check out this live video of “Said to me”.

This is a band that’s been going a few years but it’s only when someone passed me a copy of the album to review that I became aware of them, and I’m really glad I agreed to do the review. There are lots of great bands around, but in the deluge of information we get from the internet it’s all to easy for some really good bands to just pass us by unnoticed. Litte red kings are one of those bands that deserve more attention.

Jason Wick has a great voice – it’s quiet and soulful when the song cals for it, but the next moment he can unleash plenty of power. The guitar work is excellent too – in fact the whole band do an excellent job.

Little red kings may be a small band from Norwich but they have the talent to go a long way and definitely deserve to be playing bigger stages. I can see them fitting in really well at the Ramblin’ Man festival – hopefully they’ll get the chance to play it sometime.

A great album from a band you really need to check out.

Track listing:

1. Prelude
2. Said To Me
3. Josephine
4. Blacken
5. No Friend Of Mine
6. Chaperone
7. Meth Mouth Blues
8. Prize Of A Life
9. Southern France
10. A Lovers Tragedy
11. Rigor And Roll
12. Long Live The Quiet Man
13. Patience (Losing Sleep)
14. Propaganda Lie
15. Till and Toil
16. 1967

Little red kings are:

Jason Wick – vocals & guitar
Craig Stevenson – keyboards
Harry Wickham – drums
Dougie Archer – guitar
Ben Beach – bass

A great album from a band you really need to check out.

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