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On 29 January 2017
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A celebration of influential songs covered by Krokus.


Big Rocks, the latest album from Swiss legends Krokus is the perfect way to cure the January blues! It is made up of thirteen songs, twelve covers and a new version of their ‘Backseat Rock ‘N’ Roll’ song which featured on their ground breaking 1980 Metal Rendezvous album. The dozen covers were chosen from a list of fifty and it shows they still have fire in their bellies since forming in Solothurn in 1975.

  Big Rocks is currently available, released via Century Media Records on CD Digipak, gatefold double album and Digital album formats kicking off with a short, quirky instrumental run through of ‘N.I.B’ with a wah wah doing the “Oh yeahs”. ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ is a raucous party starter with the three guitars of Fernando Von Arb, Mark Kohler and Mandy Meyer raging away. ‘My Generation’ is a foot to the floor take on the Who classic which proves how timeless the song is. The main riff to ‘Wild Thing’ is nailed with some neat melodic second guitar lines added for a fuller sound. Lead vocalist Marc Storace comes into his own here with his trademark rasp still as strong as ever, defying his sixty five years age.

He shines also throughout ‘Wild Thing’  as the guitars provide a heavy blustre. ‘Rockin In The Free World’ does as the title suggests as everything is cranked up to eleven. Solid thumping drumming from Flavio Mezzedi provide a heavy backing for the crashing riffs throughout ‘Gimme Some Lovin’. The main riff from ‘Whole Lotta Love’ raises the hairs on the back of the neck backed by an effortless lead vocal. ‘Summertime Blues’ is an uplifting rifftastic version on the Eddie Cochran original. Krokus’ cover of ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf strangely enough sounds more like ‘If You Want Blood You Got It’ by AC/DC.

My favourite track here is a glorious version of ‘Quinn The Eskimo’ by Manfred Mann perfectly summing up the idea behind the album, a celebration of a stone cold classic song. ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ is beefed up to headbanging status but its r&b roots remain. Big Rocks closes with a brand new recording of ‘Backseat Rock ‘N’ Roll’ from the Metal Rendezvous album and to my ears, sounds better than the original.

Big Rocks album track listing :-


Tie Your Mother Down.

My Generation.

Wild Thing.

The House Of The Rising Sun.

Rockin’ In The Free World.

Gimme Some Lovin.

Whole Lotta Love.

Summertime Blues.

Born To Be Mild.

Quinn The Eskimo.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Backseat Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Krokus band line up :-

Marc Storace – Lead vocals.

Chris Von Rohr – Bass guitar/vocals.

Fernando Von Arb – Guitar/vocals.

Mark Kohler – Guitar.

Mandy Meyer – Guitar.

Flavio Mezzedi – Drums.


A celebration of influential songs covered by Krokus.

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