Komatoze at ABC, Glasgow 29/9/11

Komatoze were the only support band for the Y&T concert on Thursday night so it was their job to warm up the crowd that had gathered for rock legends Y&T. It was an early start to the concert so throughout their set the ABC was starting to slowly fill up.

The house lights dimmed and the guys from Komatoze ran onto the stage and launched straight into ‘Nightmare City’ with the guys running around the stage and pulling off some awesome poses to entertain the crowd, it was a great start to the set.

Next up was one of their new tracks ‘Stand Up’ which harks back to the old school hair metal style. Think old style Motley Crue etc and you should be able to conjure up the foot stomping, catchy lyrics, raunchy rocking grooves and massive hooks.

‘RIP’ a slightly softer style track which sounded fantastic live and then ‘Rock Knights’ brings us back up to tempo and leads us in perfectly for their last song ‘Sucker for Love’ which goes down very well with the crowd indeed with a few of us singing along.

The guys did a fantastic tight and powerful solid set. Foot stomping beats from Martyn on drums, ballsy bass from Matthew combined with upbeat crunchy melodic twin guitar sounds from Connor and Paul interwoven with catchy lyrics and rocking vocals.


Set list

Nightmare City

Stand Up


Rock Knights

Sucker for Love

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