Cypher16 – The Metaphorical Apocalypse (E.P)

Cypher16 are a young, talented new organic rock band, who fuse electronic and metal influences with hints of industrial to create their own unique musical mix.

Having supported the likes of Mudvayne, In this Moment and Head P.E this 4 piece are rapidly rising through the masses of up and coming bands with their own brand of electronic infused, punk edged metal.

Sounding similar to the legendary pioneers of this genre, Killing Joke, this punk edged, metal four piece will put a smile on the face of the most hardened metaler.

This e.p is a stunning mix of electronic infused guitars complete with Killing Joke style lyrics.

The first “proper” track “Stones” starts the e.p off with quite literally a crack of thunder and a flash of light as a mix of rapid fire drumming and stunning guitar work powers into the immense “I Am Scientist”.

“The Metaphorical Apocalypse” continues in a similar fashion before “Lonely Road” ends the e.p with a huge explosion.

And from the ashes a sea is rising… that sea’s name is Cyper16

This e.p is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD at:

The Highlight of this ep is “I Am Scientist” closely followed by “Lonely Road”;

Rating: 7/10

Track Listing:

1. A Crack Of Thunder A Flash Of Light;
2. Stones;
3. I Am Scientist;
4. The Metaphorical Apocalypse;
5. Lonely Road;

Members: Jack Doolan – Vocals/Guitars/Synths, Stuart Deards – Guitars, Carl Dawkins – Bass, Chris Woollams – Drums/Percussion


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