Connor Williamson from Komatoze, Aug 2011

Email interview with Connor from Komatoze. A quick introduction to the band, what the guys have been up to, gigs and of course their fantastic new tracks that have just been released on itunes.

When did Komatoze begin & what made you choose the name?

It all happened kind of fast as basically we had to choose a name for a particular event we were doing and after I messed about with a few different ideas it became apparent that it seemed to fit best at the time – there was a few moments in the past we thought about changing it but has really stuck with the people that know us – I’m Konnortoze, now you know…

How would you describe your band in 2011? What has changed since you started out in 2007?

I think we are much more driven these days – back in 07 a lot of us were just finishing high school and despite the fact we could play it took us quite some time to get to understand the way the music business works – as far as song writing goes I think we can all agree we have become better players and that shows in the song writing and the live performance – I reckon that the new addition of ‘Matthew Ward’ on bass has also helped as we now have a guy that has energy levels that are arguably greater than ours.

However the tunes are also slightly different, we incorporate a much greater focus on the overall hook and feel of a song rather than just going all out crazy with the riffs/solos and throwing in the odd vocal line here and there…. I’m more than happy with the way things have evolved.

Where do you see yourself/the band in 5 years time?

I’m an adventurous kind of guy and I aim to obtain as many slots in the big festivals such as Bloodstock, Donnington, Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest to name a few – there’s no reason why any band who have a real passion and drive for the business, cannot see themselves becoming a headline act – why not aim high

What is your most memorable gig/studio experience?

I have many different memories but I guess my most memorable was sharing the stage with Jorn Lande. It may not have been the most crazy event we have ever played but when you have a great deal of respect for a particular musician and you get to hang back and chat in the dressing room before we both go do our thing it’s a real pleasure, but in all honesty there has been many great experiences and this is why we continue to do what we do..

How’s the response to your debut CD ‘Time Flies’?

That’s a good question because it took so long and became a bit of a nightmare for us but in the end was necessary for not just our fans but for also us as a band. If I was to give any advice to anyone band that’s maybe been about for a year or two and are considering doing a couple of recordings then I would definitely say save up and record a full album – the reason being is that

I have learnt so much from the experience as a whole and have a strong appreciation for what goes in to the entire process to obtain something as simple as a printed CD. We still sell the album regularly at our gigs and even in our local retail outlets – we were real proud of what we accomplished with the first record and people still wish top hear some of the original tracks that came from its release.

Can you give us a general overview ‘Times Flies’?

Of course – the CD basically sums up the first two years of the band – the songs are very varied and include everything from the faster uptempo grooves to the more subdued ballad type tracks – we had a lot to say and prove at the time and I reckon the album sums it up quite nicely

New Tracks – Sucker For Love & Stand Up

The tunes are now available from itunes now, links at bottom of the page so go check them out!

Did you have any influences for the new tracks, who/what are they and how did they influence you?

When I wrote the new tracks I just felt that I needed something catchy you know – like a strong hook that would complement the overall song – I honestly can pin point any particular influence as I listen to music daily however its clear to notice the more harder rock edge with the tracks rather than straight up balls to the wall metal – it all seemed to flow this way and even when I write these days I try to go with the same mind set of coming up with something that will be memorable to the listener and also sound killer live

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with?

I tend to write a lot of the tracks these days but I will always communicate with Harrison incase he is not feeling with groove – normally I write with a basic drum machine or just on Guitar pro – I then burn off a rough MIDI copy for the others to hear and then with a few jams we all put our feel on the track and make sure everyone’s happy with the outcome.

It honestly works great for us because everyone’s free to experiment as the track is evolving – when it comes to lyrical writing I may already have a chorus In mind but normally Harrison will run with his idea and I think he has a real talent for writing vocal melodies over phrases – it works great.

What is your favorite track & why?

My favorite tracks is ‘One Eleven’ from the ‘Time Flies’ record – it never gets old to me and it was something that adapted from nowhere and was the last track to be recorded for the record – at the time I wanted to write something completely different and although it’s not really a song that would come up in our usual setlist it still reminds me of a special place and I think it’s the best thing we have created.

However if you are referring to the new tracks then there is one that is being worked on at the moment that we will be recording soon – it may be the raunchiest thing I’ve wrote – can’t wait to hear it through the PA!

How’s the feedback been?

The tracks only went live today but already I can view the hits that have come in – I think the new stuff works best for us and we have played these tracks on a few occasions live and even witnessing the crowd’s reaction showcases to us that they are feeling the energy

Gigs – Where & when ;)

This is ever updating – at the moment we can say that we will be supporting Attica Rage on thier current tour in Bradford and quite possibly in other locations – we are also playing on the first Hard Rock Hell Glasgow Chapter Launch Night and have many other surprises up our sleeve that will become more apparent as the weeks roll on

Keep checking for all updates


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