Komatoze – ‘Sucker For Love’ and ‘Stand Up’ (CD)

Komatoze’s new tracks ‘Sucker For Love’ & ‘Stand Up’ are a superb example of how far these guys from Greenock have progressed since they started out in 2007. Still in touch with their original sound however they have grown up with it and then perfected their distinctive, foot stomping, head banging sound.

Both tracks are classic old school metal style with a fresh update to date feel to them. Paul’s vocals treating us to great lyrics with catchy choruses along with the twin guitar raunchy groovy riffs, chunky bass & plenty of drums, the tracks have a distinctive and unique sound and feel to it.

Band comparison wise think the best bits of old school Motley Crue, Maiden etc with a fresh twist to them.

I for one can’t wait to hear the rest of the new tracks and also hear them live as Komatoze is famed for the fantastic tight rocking live sets.

New tracks on Itunes

Sucker For Love


Stand Up


Interview with Connor from Komatoze


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