Kinasis – Pariah

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On 19 September 2017
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Crushing 4 track EP from the mighty Kinasis

Kinasis – Pariah

Another week and another amazing underground band discovered. Bridgewater, Somerset based Kinasis have created a crushing four track EP titled Pariah, due for release on September 29th 2017. From the off it’s straight in your face with the mighty riffs and Hellish vocal growls in opener ‘Red Earth’. It builds to a crescendo of rage backed by eerie keyboards. A stoner shock wave intro to ‘Black Dog’ is followed by jabbing riffs that morph into a deathly grind midway as the tempos pick up towards an early Korn like rant to finish on a high.

‘Kindred’ is all about the thick, clammy grooves that engulf this pummeling face melter. Final track ‘Incipent’ is a sheer adrenaline rush of manic vocals and rhythms that catapult towards a bluster of brutal riffing and a blink and you’ll miss it touch of ambience as it stomps to a heavy finish.

   Kinasis describe themselves as a “Technical, extreme metal band”and Pariah will be available for £5 digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. Physical digipack CD’s with an impressive front cover from Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art can be bought from the bands Big Cartel Store or at their gigs.

Pariah EP track listing :-

Red Earth.

Black Dog.



Kinasis band line up :-

Tom Harris – Vocals.

Tom Sellick – Guitar.

Tristan Winchester – Bass guitar.

Marcus Burns – Guitar.

Jason Trunks – Drums.

Crushing 4 track EP from the mighty Kinasis

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