ILLDISPOSED – Sense The Darkness.


The mighty Danes return to lay waste to your stereo.


This represents the bands twelfth studio release and may well be one of the finest albums they have come up with, if not ever than at least since 2008’s ‘The Prestige’. Illdisposed are a really underrated band in Metal terms, I cant think of many Death Metal bands that have charted in the national album charts but these guys have constantly done that in their native Denmark.
‘Sense The Darkness’ is a rollercoaster of an album, from the title track opener, you’ll be beaten, bashed and battered into submission, wondering what the Hell has just hit you.
The vocal performance of Bo Summer is nothing short of immense, bleeding raw dark malevolent power, offering an excellent front to some awesome guitar work, especially on my favourite album track ‘Stop Running’, a track which damn well has it all and will leave you breathless once it’s finished tearing you apart.
Produced by Tue Madsen ( Suicide Silence, Heaven Shall Burn, Sick Of It All), the album is a modern Metal classic, superb melodies and hooks conjoined with blistering power and brutality, what more could you ask for.
Tracks such as ‘Time To Dominate’, ‘Too Blind To See’ and ‘The Poison’ for instance are some of the best examples of how Death Metal should be played you will hear anywhere. Bordering on a cross between Kataklysm and Amon Amarth, this band have honed and fine tuned their sound to near perfection, ‘Another Kingdom Dead’ yet another track that really stands out, slower paced but just as crushing.
If your buying the album, make sure you try and get your hands on the digital version as this gives you an extra two tracks but whichever version you get your claws on, it’s well worth digging deep into your pocket to buy.
Excellent from start to finish, Denmarks finest purveyors of Death Metal come up trumps with an album that sets the benchmark for a lot of other bands to try and match.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Sense The Darkness.
2. Eyes Popping Out.
3. Time To Dominate.
4. Never Compromise.
5. Stop Running.
6. I Am Possessed.
7. Too Blind To See.
8. The Poison.
9. Another Kingdom Dead.
10. She’s Undressed.
11. We Do This Alone.
12. War. (Bonus Track)
13. Desire (Bonus Track)

Illdisposed are;
Bo Summer – Vocals.
Jakob Batten – Guitar.
Ken Holst – Guitar.
Jonas Kloge – Bass.
Thomas Jensen – Drums.

Out now via Massacre Records.




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