HELLFEST 2014 latest update – Dark Angel confirmed + running order changes

Hellfest have released this update:

More than 20 days before the opening of the doors of the festival, we are all very excited to welcome you and you submit the new configuration of the Hellfest 2014! We would like also to you announce small last minute changes: DEATH ANGEL (cancelled its tour, but Americans will occur anyway at Hellfest for an exclusive date!)

Hellfest 2014 latest newsSLAYER and TRIVIUM exchange their places on the MAIN 2. SLAYER will occur from 23:00 to 00:00 and Trivium of 01: 05, 02:15!

As you know, MEGADETH has cancelled its tour following the death of the brother of David Ellefson, they will be replaced by the cult of Thrash Metal DARK ANGEL Group (Main 1 / 23rd / 18:45 > 19:45). The California are ready to do battle for their first appearance at Hellfest.

Finally, due to a conflict of interest and notoriety, DOWNSET is regret to cancel its participation in the Hellfest (more info here). We will keep you informed within the shortest deadlines for the replacement group!”

The Official Hellfest 2014 Program booklet is now available. To download it, please click HERE. The booklet translated into English click HERE.

For all the up to date information about the festival:




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