Stillroom – Good To Be Alive

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On 1 June 2014
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'Keep On Walking ' a slower beat, but has the gut's and ball's of a raging bull on heat!

Good To Be Alive
Stillroom – Good To Be Alive

I think I’ve just found that something special to fill the gap in my CD collection that’s been empty for far to long. Old style, nostalgic! ain’t the words to use, but if I have to describe them, only three will fit here, “Retro-Rocket-Rock” !!  This is just one magnificent band that’s been born from the streets of Dublin, a long and established home of musical excellent’s that’s produced some of the planets top bands and singers.

I introduce to you, ‘Stillroom‘ !

Their debut album ‘Good To be Alive‘ kicks off with ‘Rock n ‘Roll (O.F.O) ‘.  A full on 1 min 10 second rip rockin intro even AC/DC would be proud of ! Great beat and rhythms wake you up in true 80’s style. Moving onto an inspiring song called ‘Keep On Walking ‘ a slower beat, but has the gut’s and ball’s of a raging bull on heat! This song could have been written way back when, but I’m sure has just found it’s place in the rock history of 2014. There’s some real nifty lead guitar work here and compliments must go to Paul Scott & Dehna Bennett for the amazing solo’s. ‘Now Your Gone ‘ is a great song and you can definitely hear it’s a song made in the 21st century, a very modern sounding track full of just about everything musically i think they could get in there! Made me smile. 

Second to last song ‘The Wake ‘ starts with touches of classic blues riff’s reminiscent of the late Gary Moore. This song as the power to make you think about what’s being said in the lyrics. Very nicely composed and arranged so much so, it stands out here as again something a little bit special and could be an anthem track for this young band! I know I’ve said this already, but the guitar work these chaps put down is just phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, the drums, bass and vocals are all spot on but obviously the lead and rhythm are just a cut above some bands, both old and new. Amazing!!

The final song is the albums title song ‘Good To Be Alive ‘ a rockin bouncing track I can’t wait to see the guys perform this live. I can hear so many influences in this album, but it’s unfair to keep barfing on about who they sound like. They sound like Stillroom! That’s it, no more, no less.

A great album that would compliment any collection, and can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything I have on my shelves! As a good friend once told me, and you too should heed this…… ” Get on it”!!

Band Members

Vocals… James Berkeley
Guitars & BV’s… Paul Scott & Dehna Bennett
Drums & Percussion… David Ebbs
Bass… John Hogan


Rock n Roll (o.f.o)

All Flash

(Let Me ) Take You Home

Keep On Walkin

Beautiful Bitch

Take It Back

That’s What You Get

Now You’re Gone

Doin’ Fine

The Wake

Good To Be Alive

Additional instrumentation…
Joe Mullins

Additional Backing Vocals…
Gillian White

All songs written & arranged by Stillroom.

Produced & mixed by Tommy “The Ear” O’Sullivan & Stillroom.

Engineered by Tommy O’Sullivan.

Recorded at Ashtown Studios, Dublin.

Mastered by Aidan Foley @ Masterlabs.

Artwork and design by

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'Keep On Walking ' a slower beat, but has the gut's and ball's of a raging bull on heat!

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