HateskoR – Paint My Fear CD

HateskoR is a Melodic Death Metal band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2010 by the young guitarist Alex Skorza (Ex-Muro),  Satisfied with the results of a few live shows and the response of the people, they decided to start recording what it would become their first album.

They recorded “Paint My Fear” in Local 18 Studios, Spain and shortly after, they signed with Austrian Noisehead Records label. ‘Paint My Fear’ is release: 21 October 2011

Straight from the opening track ‘Far Beyond The Stars’ right through to ‘Where They Belong’, HateskoR delivers masterful melodies, groove based guitars and riffs, tearing out spine tingling solos interlaced with blistering bass and driving drum beats to produce a Viking vocal influenced style album with a modern feel and sound to it.

If your into Nordic/Viking melodic death metal then check these guys out, actually even of your not give them a quick listen and see if the catchy tracks command you attention.


Rating – 8.5/10


Track Listing


01 Far Beyond The Stars

02 Mirror’s Eye

03 My Inferno

04 Ten Days, Ten Nights

05 My Golden Void

06 Pool Of Decadence

07 The Curse

08 Tears Of Fire

09 Where They Belong


Band Members

Mcleod – Vocals
Skorza – Guitars; Backing Vocals
Filtho – Keyboards
Charly – Bass
Raulicio – Drums



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