Coilguns and Kunz – Split EP

Hailing from Switzerland Coilguns features three members of The Ocean, treat us to a in your face controlled technical, deathy, punk riffargy feast. All the tracks have complex mechanisms combined with growl and shout demand you attention.

By definition “Coil gun: A projectile accelerator which utilizes electromagnetic coils to discharge a projectile(s) at extremely high velocity.” It sums this up perfectly.

‘Mastoid’ screams out from the second the album start off and keeps up the frantic, sharp pace throughout the track. ‘Phersu’ is of a similar pace but has a lighter sound to it than ‘Mastoid’. ‘Kachinas’ has more of a groove back bone to the track whilst still retaining angry mathematical base.

Coilguns track listing





Kunz featuring just 2 of The Ocean, Louis Jucker and Luc Hess, is very different from the Coilguns sound and style wise yet still just as extraordinary!

‘Flow’ ambles along with an experimental heavy grunge vibe to it along with heavy beats. It jumps up a few tempos throughout the track. ‘Apnea’ brings us back up to pace with bass laden heavy riffs and beats

‘Flush’ starts off with a lot so drums and guitars and features a lot of feedback along with shout style vocals, it’s a heavy based track. ‘What Makes Me Sleep’ starts off fast and screams, this is a short punky track to round off the album. It delivers a powerful punch


Kunz track listing




What Makes Me Sleep


Band Members

Louis Jucker – Heavy Breathing / Crowd Fighting
Luc Hess – Brainless spontaneous fastness and groove
Jona Nido – Simultaneously Guitars, bass and Cabinets


My email interview with Louis about Kunz


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