Zergoth – Psychological Defence.

Well this is an interesting concept.A metal album created over the internet by 2 musicians who did not meet up until after the album was finished.Vocalist Brandon Hoover from North Michigan USA searched the internet site Compose to assemble a band.He came across a guitarist Carlos Enriquez from Florida who had a guitar track called Revengeance.Brandon asked if he could add vocals to it,he did and Zergoth was born in early 2009.They continued to write their parts and sent each other their work over the net and drum programming was handled by Jason Cuthbert with finishing touches by Tito.
Zergoth is now a complete band since the album has been released and along with Brandon and Carlos are Gil Gilbera on bass,Jerry Ortiz on drums and Carlos’ 18yr old son Carlos Jr is on rhythm guitar.Brandon flew to Florida in April this year to meet them all and he is planning to move to Florida to pursue Zergoth’s future and judging by the awesome technical thrash metal they play on Psychological Defence,they are taking big steps into achieving it and are in the process in writing/mixing new material for their 2nd album Thrash Odyssey,due for release in 2012.
There are 10 tracks on Psychological Defence,all played by musicians on top of their game.Unlikely Force opens the album with some razor sharp riffing,Maidenesque guitar melodies,pounding drums and the vocal delivery reminded me of early Exhumer.2nd track Strange Stuff brought to mind classic Megadeth but with Zergoth’s stamp on it.Next up is Revengeance,the track that created the band.My personal favourite is next,the instrumental Wakala.Starts off as a nice little chugger then comes a barrage of riffs and into some off the wall soloing from Carlos.The rest of the album continues thrashing away for all its worth and features another favourite of mine,Death Uniform which took me back to when i started to listen to this type of metal in the early 80’s.
Full album track listing:-
Unlikely Force.
Strange Stuff.
The Drive.
Death Uniform intro.
Death Uniform.
Quest Of Honour.
Psychological Defence.

Zergoth line up:-
Brandon Hoover-Vocals.
Carlos Enriquez-Lead Guitar.
Carlos Jr-Rhythm Guitar.
Gil Gilbera-Bass.
Jerry Ortiz-Drums

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