Goatess – Goatess (Svart)

goatessGoatess arrived on the scene in 2009 from Stockholm and since then there has been a steady buzz building around them. There really is no way to window dress this album, it has taken the Sabbath plagiarism to such a degree that is just sounds ridiculous. The first track “Know your Animal” which has one of the weakest intros I have ever heard, even when it gets to the rib cracking later on it is really a damp squid.  “Alpha Omega” demonstrates the limit to the ideas this band has, sub Iommi riffs with the Ozzy nasal vocals. It is all well executed; but come on in this day and age when we have the real Sabbath back, Orchid playing Sabbath but at least putting their own twist to it. Obviously there is an appetite for this type of thing at the expense of more original bands. It gets worse “Full Moon at Noon” is basically Supernaut with a minor variation. Sheavy were the last band that made it this obvious but they were fresh at a time when the Sabbath name was in the dirt and the world needed reminded of the power of vintage Sabbath. The tracks are lengthy which adds to the tedium, however I can see the appeal this will have with generic stoner rock fans and the old guard who don’t like new music. Production is ample, it is warm and has the bass up high in the mix which compliments the guitars brilliantly. This will have a very short shelf life.

Band Members

Niklas- Guitar

Findus – Bas

Christus Lindersson – Vocals

Kenta – Drums


1.       Know your Animal

2.       Alpha Omega

3.       Ripe

4.       Full Moon at Noon

5.       Oracle Pt 1: The Mist

6.       Oracle Pt 2

7.       King One

8.       Tentacles of Zen

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