Tempestora – The Battle Begins

Tempestora-LET-BATTLE-BEGINTempestora is a British Heavy Metal / Thrash Band From Gloucestershire UK.
They started writing material under the influence of classic thrash bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Testament in 2009. Although Clearly inspired by the speed of Thrash metal, Tempestoras sound relies a lot on being aggressive and technical but never forgetting about the melody.
Opening track ‘Relentless’ is just that, a relentless fast paced kicker with hammering guitar and pounding drums, with a roaring vocal from Sam Shiers . The guitar solo on this track is outstanding.
‘ New Age Dawns ‘ is fast and powerful from the off, there’s a definite feel of thrash running through the music, however this is as near to Melodic thash as you can get.
‘Halls Of The Slain’ follows and doesn’t let up on the aggressive front, as once again the track delivers with pummeling drums only adding to the power and technicality of this track, this is certainly more than the sum of its parts.
‘Conquering The Masses’ opens with what is quite a phenomenal drum break, rolling double bass from the off and keeping a tight and fast beat throughout. The band have once again managed to keep a sense of melody on this track, yet allowing the brutal underbelly of this track to break cover and hit you smack in the face.
‘Too Blind Too See’ and ‘Wrath Of The Repentant’ both bring old school thrash back to the for, both have a thrash like simplicity to them, powerful and aggressive yet very technically advanced enough to make you want to hear them again and again.
‘Sanity Deprived’ marks a sudden change in the direction of the album, as a slow bass line opens the track up, but then we are back in the grove when the riff chugs in, and continues up to mash your head up with the power these guys display here, Closing the album is ‘A Bloodline Broken’, here is one last chance to listen to just how great Tempestora are, closing on a high note is always a good sign in my book and A Bloodline Broken’ is just that, full of intricate leads, pummeling drums, deep bass lines and
distorted riffs.
‘The Battle Begins’ is a hugely impressive début and it is clear that Tempestora know how to write a great thrash track, and add their own melodic touch, highly recommended.


01 Relentless
02 New Age Dawns
03 Halls Of The Slain
04 Conquering The Masses
05 Too Blind Too See
06 Wrath Of The Repentant
07 Sanity Deprived
08 A Bloodline Broken
Out now on Copro/Casket Records

Sam Shiers – Vocals
Jay Deakins – Guitars
Alex Hawes – Drums



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