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On 31 January 2016
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Still thrashing away with the same vigour as 30 years ago, Exumer have come up with an early contender for my album of 2016.


Currently on a European tour, German thrash metal merchants Exumer are still playing with the intensity shown on their 1986 debut studio album Possessed By Fire with their recently released monstrous The Raging Tides. Released via Metal Blade Records it consists of 10 fierce originals and 2 inspired cover versions. Formed in Wiesbaden by vocalist Mem V. Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh (who are still in the current line up), this new release is a future thrash metal classic in the making.

The full on opener and title track sets the standard high with its ‘Arise’ like main riff backed up by a mauling, chugging second guitar. Superhuman snare drumming from Matthias Kassner and a vicious lead vocal from Mem V. adds to the intensity. Other highlights are following number ‘Brand Of Evil’ as it quickens up the pace relentlessly with precision lightning speed riffing. Matthias owns the song as he ups his pounding during the guitar solos midway.

Things slow down with the old school mid tempo headbanging thrash riffs in ‘Catatonic’ to get the neck muscles going. The riffs flowing through  ‘Sacred Defense’ twist and turn sending the speedometer needle into the red as a curve ball is thrown by ‘Welcome To Hellas its almost hypnotic guitar work and driving snare drumming are nothing short of apocalyptic. ‘Sinister Souls’ has a touch of fellow German thrashers Destruction during the volleys of clipped riffing. The minute long intro on ‘Shadow Walker’ contains some of the most intense guitar work on the album and the song is destined to be a sure fire circle pit opener.

No prisoners are taken on ‘There Will Always Be Blood’ with its barrage of axis shifting rhythms and blistering guitar solos. ‘Forever My Queen’ is the first of the 2 cover songs and is a menacing version by Exumer, originally penned by Pentagram. Second cover and final number is a caustic speed metal workout of ‘Hostage To Heaven’ by Grip Inc. Exumer are joined by Rob Dukes on vocals, Sodom drummer Markus Freiwald and Grip Inc. guitarist Waldemar Sorychta.

Exumer band line up :-

Mem V. Stein – Lead vocals.

T. Schiavo – Bass guitar.

Marc B. – Guitars.

Ray Mensh – Guitars.

Matthias Kassner – Drums.

Album track listing :-

The Raging Tides.

Brand Of Evil.


Sacred Defense.

Welcome To Hell.

Sinister Souls.

Shadow Walker.

There Will Always Be Blood.

Dark Reflections.

Death Factory.

Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover).

Hostage To Heaven. (Grip Inc. cover).




Still thrashing away with the same vigour as 30 years ago, Exumer have come up with an early contender for my album of 2016.

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