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On 1 April 2022
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With their Lights On album, Sanhedrin light up the sky with eight songs that ride a comet to heavy metal heaven!

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New York based Sanhedrin certainly put the power in power trio with their latest studio album Lights On recently released by Metal Blade Records. These very impressive eight songs kick off with ‘Correction’ but no corrections are needed as this NWOBHM tinged rager hits hard and heavy with gritty riffs from Jeremy Sosville, an even grittier vocal and bass guitar from Erica Stolts pinned down by drum destruction from Nathan Honor. Anthemic choruses and a blazing guitar solo intensifies towards a drum driven speed metal outro.

‘Lights On’ is more lights out than on as knockout blow grooves raise their fists and yell as fizzing riffs backed by call to arms choruses slow down midway as gently picked chords and a Rush tinged kick drum outro bring the hammer down.

A lengthy guitar laden intro sets the scene for ‘Lost At Sea’ for vocals to kick in and it does when melodic rock vibes are made even more captivating as it erupts into a full on metal outro.

The bruising intro of ‘Change Takes Over’ heads off into an adrenaline rush of inventive drum patterns that propel this turbocharger over the finish line and a lap of honour is awarded to the lead vocals.

Once again kick drums come to the fore as the epic ‘Code Blue’ is cocked and loaded for six scything minutes of headphone rattling grooves and powerchord heaven but the highlight comes from a finger blistering solo midway.

Scythian Woman’ is a Motorhead infused headbanger, point proven from a breathtaking drum battery, take no prisoners riffs and a bass guitar solo midway gives way to ear bleeding guitar solos.

The overwhelming metal monster ‘Hero’s End’ sses themin just five minutes they crank out my album highlight. An eerie, lengthy intro morphs into a steady groove and a pleading vocal heralds a doom metal outro with facemelting guitar solos and bass guitar bludegeon.

The album closes with ‘Death Is A Door’, an over the top rollercoaster ride of multi tempo time changes. It opens and closes with gripping spoken word passages as heavy metal mania ensues inbetween from speaker rattling drums, a raging guitar solo, all topped off by some mighty “Whoa oh oh’s”.

Lights On album track listing :-


Lights On.

Lost At Sea.

Change Takes Forever.

Code Blue.

Scythian Woman.

Hero’s End.

Death Is A Door.

Sanhedrin band line up :-

Erica Stoltz – Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar.

Jeremy Sosville – Guitar.

Nathan Honor – Drums.

With their Lights On album, Sanhedrin light up the sky with eight songs that ride a comet to heavy metal heaven!

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