Evocation – Illusions Of Grandeur.

CoverThe Illusions Of Grandeur, the 4th full length studio album from Gothenburg based melodic death metallers Evocation features a drum sound i’ve not heard since John Boecklin’s performance on Devildriver’s  album The Last Kind Words! As good as the rest of the band are, Evocation’s drummer Janne K.Boden puts in an overwhelming barrage that dominates every song.

Formed in 1991, they split in 1993 but came back kicking and screaming with a vengeance in 2005. Illusions Of Grandeur was released via Century Media Records on Sept.24th 2012. At just under 45 minutes long, there are no weak tracks out of the 10 on offer here. Personal highlights are the opening and title track Illusions Of Grandeur which immediately goes straight for the throat as the 1st drum assault,lightning fast swathes of guitar and a mighty vocal roar from Thomas Joseffson set the bar high for the rest of the album. Well Of Despair,although less bombastic still hits hard mainly by the drum patterns, melodic death riffing and a grinding Sabbath like break at the 3 minute mark.

Once again double base kick drumming leads the way, this time on Divide And Conquer with it’s Rob Zombie style crushing main guitar riff and intense back up riff surging throughout. I’ll Be Your Suicide is another riff heavy opus, bringing to mind early In Flames. The crushing doom, double tracked vocal and speed metal riffing of Crimson Skies is my favourite track on the album.

Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth adds backing vocals to Into Submission’s riff overload with yet more pounding double bass kick drums. The 7 Faces Of God has a main riff akin to Ozzy’s Bark At The Moon but the similarities end there as the buzzing backing riff drives it to an intense 5 minute duration.



Evocation band line up :-

Janne K.Boden – Drums.

Gustaf Jorde – Bass.

Thomas Joseffson – Vocals.

Vesa Kenttakumpu – Guitars.

Marko Palmen – Guitars.


Illusions Of Grandeur album track listing :-

Illusions Of Grandeur.

Well Of Despair.

Divide And Conquer.

Perception Of Reality.

Metus Odium.

I’ll Be Your Suicide.

Crimson Skies.

Into Submission.

The 7 Faces Of God.

Final Disclosure.


I award the album 9/10.


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