An early Christmas Present for you!! (free downloads)

Penguin happy holidaysSeeing as it’s Christmas Eve I thought you lot deserved a nice round of……………………..

free downloads!!!

Here is a few of the latest free downloads that we’ve featured on PM over the last few weeks as well as the awesome free download from the boys in Beholder.

Hope you all have a Rocking Christmas :)


Alpha Tiger – ‘We Came From The Gutter’



Asher Media – Happy Metal Annihilation! Vol. 2 featuring 19 various artists!


Beholder – Profit Of The Lie and Toxic Nation (Live at Bloodstock Open Air)


Chariots of The Gods – Tides of War


Enforcer – ‘Mesmerized By Fire


Napalm Records Exclusive free Sampler Vol 2


The Exiled – ‘Terminal’


XUL  – Malignance


Wizz Wizzard – ‘Tears From The Moon’


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