Band of frequencies – Rise like the sun

band of frequencies - rise like the sunBand of frequencies describe themselves as “progressive surf roots rockers”.  Coming from Australia’s sunshine coast, the surf link is obvious, and the band have also toured California supporting the non-profit organisation Surfers for Cetaceans and played surfing events in Hawaii.

The music is rock, but with lots of other musical styles thrown into the mix – “Down to earth” for instance has a reggae feel to it’s beat mixed in with the ovberall rock feel of the song.  There’s a nice laid-back feel to this album – this is music you can chill out to.  Unfortunately that is also it’s downfall – the album just feels like background music – pleasant but unobtrusive, as there’s nothing that really jumps out and grabs your attention and makes you want to listen to it more.

Rating:  6/10

Band of frequencies are:

Shannon Sol Carroll
OJ ‘The juice’ Newcomb
Nick ‘ziggz’ Aggs
Andrew Szumowsk

Track listing:

1. Wanderlust
2. All I’ve found
3. Rise like the sun
4. Free again
5. Shake it up
6. Down to earth
7. Steps
8. Freedom
9. Beyond the sky
10. Tell me how it is
11. I wanna know
12. Shades of grey
13. Golden
14. Minds in the water

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