Captain Zorx – Maps of the ancient sea kings

captain zorx - maps of the ancient sea kingsCaptain Zorx were formed from the ashes of an underground Ska band in Berlin in 2009, and describe themselves as playing “Disco metal from outer space”.  “Maps of the ancient sea kings” is the band’s third album.

The album opens with “Roter Alarm (red alert)”. It’s quite a strange track – one the one hand you have bass, electric guitars and drums giving you a solid rock basis for the song, but it’s the vocals that are just bizarre – yodelling followed by talking and then half talk half singing sections.  A very strange introduction to the album with a hugr range of styles all thrown into the mix in just one song.

If you think that sounds strange well brace yourself – things just get crazier as the album goes on.  There are elements of rock, pop, reggae, dance, Acapella and more – it’s a surreal mix of genres – as an example “Maps of the ancient sea kings” has a section that reminds me of David Bowie among other very different sections of the same song.

With such a mix of musical styles you’d expect this to be an awful album but it isn’t – somehow they’ve managed to mix things that shouldnt work together, and turn them into something strange but fun that’s actually very listenable.  It’s the album equivalent of one of the Christmas novelty singles that come out every so often – something that you listen to and it makes you laugh.

One of the strangest albums I’ve heard this year, but definitely nowhere near the worst – this is actually a fun (and rather silly) album that’s well worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10

Captain Zorx are:

Mr Red (Patrick Kukwa) – Vocals
Mr Aubergine (Thomas Holzhausen) – Guitar
Mr Green (Alex Bayer) – Bass
Mr Yellow (Claudius Staudte) – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Roter alarm (Red alert)
2. Zelda
3. Melek Metatron
4. Maps of the ancient sea kings
5. Don’t date a robot
6. Greg the robot
7. Mops of the ancient sea kings
8. Die Bosen (The evil ones)
9. Flowershop
10. Battle of Zorxmore
11. Call it a day

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