Ethersens – Your Wandering Ghost

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On 11 March 2014
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An excellent and thought provoking album, one that has class written all over it


Ethersens - Your Wandering Ghost


Delivering their first album in a good six years has been a true labour of love for the band, having gone through the almost obligatory line up changes, the French Avantgarde Metal band are finally back.

In essence, this is a concept album, dealing with a couples tumultuous and dark relationship, and as such, has quite a depressive element to it. Opening track “Two For One Mind” sets things up very well, a lengthy track, brimming with atmosphere and dark overtones, it beds the listener in nicely for what is to come for the remainder of the album. That is not to say that the record is a monotonous or stagnant affair, far from it, “This Is Where You And I Part Ways” for example is as varied a track as you could wish for, displaying an excellent field of tempo, conjoined with some really strong guitar riffs and emotion laden licks, all fronted by Laurent Mora’s exceptional strong and striking vocal.

Comparable in places to Dream Theater , maybe but this band has a very definite character and sound all its own, by their own description the sound is “raw, dynamic and full of tension”, a summary that is hard not to agree with. Tension that is well displayed in my personal album favourite “Mourning Light”, with its funereal paced beat and hopeless, yet touching sentiment.

Ethersens are a band that deserve a great deal of success and compliments for this album, eight songs that flow seamlessly well, intertwining to create a wonderful and vivid landscape of love and despair, enhanced considerably by a very strong production sound that adds a lot to the clout of the record. Yes, it may not be an album that will grab you straight away, lets face it, not many of the really great albums do. This is one that will grow on you with each and every listen, adding something new to your perception of meaning each time, and as such, deserves your attention.

Track Listing;

1. Two For One Mind
2. Same Goodbye
3. This Is Where You And I Part Ways
4. Livin’ MemoryEthersens (1)
5. Mourning Light
6. Reflect
7. Waking Disorder
8. To Live Is To Forget


Laurent Mora – Vocals
Stéphane Nestiri – Drums
Johan Bourrut – Guitar
Mickael André – Guitar
Rémy Boyer – Bass



‘Your Wandering Ghost’ is out now through Scarlet Records

An excellent and thought provoking album, one that has class written all over it

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