GODYVA – Alien Heart.

A sumptuous banquet of Gothic, Female Fronted Metal to satisfy the most ravenous of appetites.

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I had the pleasure of catching this band live some two or three years ago and was immediately taken by the epic Gothic tinged Metal on show, infused with an irresistible catchy element that was really impressive. I was starting to wonder if the bands hiatus would have a detrimental effect on the compositions of this new album and indeed if an album was going to surface at all.

I needed have worried really, Godyva have just carried on from where they left off with previous album ’Planetarium’, only sounding a lot more energised, focused and tighter than ever before. ’Alien Heart’ has a definite vibe about it, one that conveys ,to me anyway, a feeling that the band are really ready to take on the world with this record.

Of course, in vocalist Lady Godyva the band have a superb front woman, one who’s voice is as sweet as honey, as dark as tar and can lift you to the highest plateaus of emotion in an instant.

The album as a whole is a really well balanced affair, alternating between commercially appealing Gothic Metal, ballads and Power Metal tinged tracks all held together with some wonderful orchestral passages that really create an excellent sense of mystique. Opening track ’Apocalypse Fire’ is a cracker to start proceedings with, a dark and powerful riff coupled with some clever keyboard work, give the song an almost Lacuna Coil feel, Lady G’s voice coming across as quite controlled and deliberately restrained. ’No Return’, a slightly ’poppier’ sound here, with a really catchy chorus and very effective orchestration. The title track however is a much more complex track, building with a great drum sound, incorporating both male and female vocal and featuring some soaring guitar solo work. It’s not all about the power chords though, ’In Your Eyes’ strips the sound right back to basics with a gorgeous and emotionally charged piano led love song that can not fail to make the eyes mist over and the bottom lip quiver, Lady G’s voice really comes into its own on this track, perhaps more than any other, as she proves what a talent she is.

The band, actually have been in existence for some twelve years now but can hardly be described as prolific in terms of output as ‘Alien Heart’ represents only their third full length release, however this is undoubtedly the bands finest hour to date, a culmination of hard work and patience has resulted in an album to treasure, one that should put them back in the Female Fronted Metal spotlight.
One for fans of Gothic and epic tinged Metal.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;

1. Apocalypse Fire.godyva band
2. No Return.
3. Alien Heart.
4. My Earliest Memories.
5. I Feel You (Ti Sento).
6. In Your Eyes.
7. Everything Is Over.
8. I Stay Here.
9. Brainstorm.
10. This Light.
11. Apocalypse Fire 11.

Godyva are;

Lady Godyva – Vocals.
Botys Beezart – Keyboards.
G. G. Gohm – Guitars.
Nick Barah – Bass.
Enyo – Drums.

Out now via Southern Brigade Records.






[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU2EEmZmci0&w=560&h=315]

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