ENVINYA – Interview with Enrico Jung.

Hot on the heels of the release of their very impressive debut album, Planetmosh tracked down drummer Enrico Jung to get the lowdown on all things past, present and future regarding Envinya.



Welcome to Planetmosh and thanks for giving us some of your time.
Let’s go back to the bands beginning, how did Envinya form?

Envinya was founded in 2006 in Füssen/Bavaria. Three Guys wanted to create a band with a melodic style, hard guitars and metal drumming. First we searched for musicians, thank you world wide web! Envinya were brought together in a short space of time and we composed the first songs. At the start of 2007 we had some problems and two guys left the Band. Envinya’s actual line up got together in the Summer of 2007.
The first song ‘Forlorn’ was created, we had a good time, great influences and ideas for our songs. Since then we’ve just kept on going.


Had you a vision for the band then? What were your main musical
influences then?

Oh yes, we dreamt about rocking at great festivals and to produce a cool record.
The members have different influences. Main influence is Metal and Hard Rock of course, bands like Metallica, Slayer, Death, In Flames… Some of the band like other styles of music and we create a new sound between us.


What was the local Metal scene like when you started out?

Many Bands followed the Metalcore, Thrash and Deathmetal scene. It wasn’t  easy for Envinya to give Live performances with bands in this style but we did our best regardless.


You released an E.P. early on in your career, how do you feel about that
now, anything you would change?

A lot of people and magazines started to talk about Envinya after the release on ‘Beyond The Dark’. They compare the records and the quality of bands. It’s very hard work to compose good songs, do a great record but it’s also great fun to do. Every new record should be better than the last, that’s the target. Our work is more up to date than before.


Lets get right up to date and talk about the current release ’Inner
Silence’, how did you approach writing the album, had you lots of
material written already?

We had a lot of songs ready for recording but the guys from massacre records suggested that we include the 5 songs from the EP and 5 new songs, we felt we could go alone with that, so we have some songs now  to choose for the next record.


The album is quite diverse and I was really impressed by the quality of
material. My own personal favourite is ’Mirror Soul’, what’s the story
behind that particular track?

Thank you! Mirror Soul is a combination from percussive sample and drums and hard guitars. I  don’t think it´s really Metal. We experimented with sounds and grooves and Mirror Soul is the result. It´s a great song. The lyrics describe the feelings everybody has sometimes.


The albums production sound is of a really high standard as well, who
was responsible for that?

For the first time Envinya is responsible for that. The ears and the skill from Armand(sound engineer) were important for the sound of Inner Silence.


You packed a lot into this record, were there any songs that didn’t
quite make it and will they resurface sometime in the future?

There were quite a few songs that did not make it on the record. Some of them we may produce in the future and others we will play at our concerts only.


Now that ’Inner Silence’ is out there in the big wide world, what are
your plans for touring?

At this moment in time we are talking with booking agents about touring in Autumn/Winter. In the near future we hope to play some gigs and festivals.


Have you had chance to think about the next album yet, can you see any
musical changes happening or will it be much in the same vein?

Some Songs are already completed for the next record. You’ll have to wait and see. The style of Envinya is to be a little bit different to others, of course that will also be true on the next record.


It must give you a real sense of achievement when your material gets put
before the public. Do you tend to read reviews and comments from the
Press or do you try and avoid them!

We read  most reviews and comments. It´s interesting for us to know what the people think about Envinya. Envinya is a band that you either love or hate but its okay. We are not mainstream and we love it!


As musicians, what (if anything) frustrates you within the music business?

Nobody will pay for your work on stage. Its not easy to play great concerts with a good production if you are a little nobody in the scene. Also the illegal downloads are terrible. The price to produce a record is high but many people want the record for free. Thanks to all of you out there, that buy our record the legal way.


Finally, for those that may not be familiar with Envinya, describe the
bands music and style.

Envinya — even the name sounds mysterious and arcane at the same time.
Correspondingly, the music, made by a sextet from Bavaria, is magic as well as gripping and it does not match with any other musical styles. Its sound is dark, hard but also tuneful and attests to different influences and characters of every member of the band.
Envinya – more than Metal

Many thanks for your time and best wishes from Planetmosh.
Thank you too. It was nice talking to you ;)


‘Inner Silence’ is out now and available through Massacre Records.




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On8Fyrb9CWQ&w=420&h=315]

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