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On 5 February 2014
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Faultless follow up album. A serious contender for Female Fronted Metal's album of the year.

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The Gothic Metal band from Greece return with their highly anticipated follow up to 2009’s excellent debut album “Silent Scr3am”.

“Someplace Better”, again released through Germany’s Massacre Records label, is without doubt a major step up in class and performance from beginning to end, as good as the aforementioned debut was, this is leagues better on all fronts.

Falling into the vast, infinite and somewhat overcrowded genre of Female Fronted Metal, the first aspect we should look at is the vocal performance of Christianna. There are many words I could use to describe her voice, spine tingling, emotionally charged, breathtaking, to mention but a few but above all, what grabbed me was the superb range on offer. From tear jerking and haunting melody, through to, no bull, in your face power, this lady has it all.

Before I get too carried away however, a fine vocal can not make an album on its own, and therein lies this albums ultimate triumph, an amalgamation of a scintillating vocal together with an inspiring and truly special musical performance that knocked me for six.

Album highlights, if I can possibly narrow it down to a mere few, would have to be “Awake” ( an infectious jump a long slow simmering track), “What Lies Beneath” ( with its Evanescence collides with Dubstep vibe) and the simply beautiful and haunting “Transparent”, a track to make a grown man cry ( well, this one anyway).

Style wise, as you might realise, the album is pretty varied. Traits of Evanescence are evident as well as a smattering of Delain and Within Temptation thrown in as well. However, the album is above all else, a true vindication and statement as to what Elysion have strived for, and indeed have succeeded in becoming, which is a band with serious intentions of making a major mark on the Metal scene.

A limited edition cd is available, with two bonus tracks but these are instrumental versions of “Made Of Lies” and “Somewhere Better”, so offer little new except as an insight as to how a track is constructed over many a stage and level before becoming the finished, polished article.

In summary, Elysion have kept fans waiting since 2009 for this full length album, and it has been worth it, I can not fault a single track on it, and can not recommend it highly enough, buy it.

Track Listing;

1. Made Of Lies
2. Someplace Betterelysion band
3. Fairytale
4. The Promise
5. Our Fate
6. Awake
7. What Lies Beneath
8. Transparent
9. Breakfree
10. In Despair
11. Changing

Elysion are;

Christianna – Vocals
Johnny Zero – Guitars
FXF – Bass
Laitsman – Drums
Nid – Guitar

Out now via Massacre Records.



Faultless follow up album. A serious contender for Female Fronted Metal's album of the year.

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