EDGE OF ATTACK – Edge Of Attack.

” A masterful fusion of old school Power and Thrash Metal, delivered with a bang up to date, cutting edge sound”

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Bursting forth from the cold Northern lands that are otherwise known as Alberta, Canada are Edge Of Attack, a five piece band that are about to shake things up with the release of their debut self titled album.

This album is very much an ‘in house’ affair, having been produced by joint vocalist and lead guitarist Jurekk Whipple and I’m guessing, because of that, the band have been able to keep a steady and firm grip on proceedings and the eventual finished product.

What struck me about this offering was how the band have managed to amalgamate a real hard edged, traditional Power Metal sound with some really catchy melodic passages and choruses. Female vocalist Roxanne Gordey is an absolute breath of fresh air, combining Symphonic, Power and Thrash elements in her delivery, ably assisted by the aforementioned Jurekk and backed by some killer guitar and percussion work that is impossible to resist.

Album opener “In Hell” is a real statement of intent with its thunderous riff and bullet drumming infused with some excellent Symphonic keyboard work, making it a perfect anthemic start. From that point on, your taken on a roller coaster ride of shredding guitars and machine gun drumbeats all wrapped up in a melodious cocoon, leaving the listener exhausted, yet eager for more.

“The Damned”, with its mixture of growl and clean vocal over a truly crushing Thrash riff is pure magic, the addition of guest vocals courtesy of Ryan Bovaird adding immensely to what, depending on your point of view, may well be the highlight of the album.

However, my personal favourite has to be album closer “Set The World Aflame” featuring vocal contributions from Pellek ( Damnation Angels), over eight minutes of some of the finest Metal in the Helloween vein that you will come across anywhere, a track that will make you realise why you got hooked on this wonderful thing we call Heavy Metal in the first place. If you’re my age, you can close your eyes and be transported back to the late 80’s on a Power Metal trip of nostalgia, if you’re a young ’un, then you’ll like it purely and simply because it will knock you to the ground.

The whole album, in my view, oozes class and talent, it really does have everything the most discerning of Metalheads could ask for, even the albums shortest track, “Forever” packs a real punch, with its immense riff and catchy chorus it is surely a song screaming out to be released as a single. And whilst I’ve rabbited on about the vocals and guitar work on display, I must mention the Bass guitar performance of Denver Whipple, we all know that the Bass player will tell you they’re the most important and sadly overlooked member of a band right? Well this performance is impossible to pass by without comment, such complex bass lines, played with such skill that you almost forget that it’s the Bass your listening to, superb is an over used and trivialised word in some instances but here it is more than deserved.

So, to sum it all up, I’d strongly advise you to get your grubby little mitts on this album, as to me it represents a masterful fusion of old school Thrash and Metal, delivered with a bang up to date, cutting edge sound that is a real joy to behold.

Rating 9.5/10.

Track Listing;

1. In Hell.
2. The Haunting.
3. Demon (Of The Northern Seas) Featuring Ivan Gianinni.
4. Take Me Alive.
5. In The Night.
6. Edge Of Attack.
7. Rise Above.
8. Forever.
9. The Damned featuring Ryan Bovaird ( Hallows Die).
10. Set The World Aflame featuring Pellek ( Damnation Angels).

EDGE OF ATTACK are ;edge of attack band

Jurekk Whipple – Lead Guitar and Vocals.
Trevor Swain – Drums.
Denver Whipple – Bass Guitar.
Roxanne Gordey – Vocals.
Dallas Dyck – Rhythm Guitar.

Released on February 19th, through Spread The Metal Records.






[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBRj84u-i50&w=560&h=315]

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