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On 10 April 2014
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'Renatus' is definately the great step further of Dynazty trip to the heavy metal temple.

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Scandinavians are undoubtedly a great influence in the rock and metal scene and when it comes to Sweden there are plenty of names that spring to your mind. Well, I would like to add another one, Dynazty. They are a heavy metal/hard rock team from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Since 2008, the band has released three full-length albums and at the end of the March, 2014, they released their forth studio album, ‘Renatus‘. According the Dynazty, this album is new era for the band: their team has been joined by new bass player Jonathon Olsson and it is their first album to be released through Spinefarm records.

Let’s take a look at the album cover. You can see the giant white-yellow egg, which is breaking from the inside. There are 16 hands reaching out for freedom from the inside of the egg. Each hand has the name written on it: Resistance, Change, New World, Cross the Line, Rebellion and so on. That greatly reflects the themes of the album. Nevertheless, the album title ‘Renatus’ means ‘born again’ in Latin language, so it is more or less all about new stage of human life and world order.
Now take a look to the content beneath the album cover and title. If you are heavy metal/ power metal fan, who likes beautifully constructed melodic metal with confident clean vocal – this album is for you, because it sounds just like that. It does not annoy listener with too long guitar solos or unnecessary falsettos, which would damage your sensitive ears.

'Renatus' by Dynazty (2014)
‘Renatus’ by Dynazty (2014)

‘Renatus’ consists of 10 songs, and offers 45 minutes of constant and continuous great quality music. It starts with ‘Cross the Line’, which from slower rhythm tempo grows to faster and memorable chorus and continues with heavier and more complex riffs in ‘Starlight’. The rhythm and tempo changes during the whole album, usually growing faster for choruses, when you might want to start sing along with Nils Molin. ‘The Northern End’ – the forth track in ‘Renatus’ is the song, you might call the anthem of this set or even the representation if the whole new era of Dynazty. With exceptional melody and energy, it creates and sums up whole album atmosphere and its high spirits. You might wanna march or just proudly stand on the top of the hill during this song. After ‘The Northern End’ follows six more marches conclude with ‘A Divine Comedy’, which reveals the beauty of solid Nils Molin voice and a lovely guitar tone. When I listened to this song, it made me think about Italian Dante and his Divina Commedia, which happened to be one of the greatest works world literature. If Dynazty is heading the same way, it is up to them to decide, but ‘Renatus’ is definitely a great step further on their trip to the heavy metal temple.
Reviewer’s pick of the album: ‘The Northern End’.
‘Renatus’ by Dynazty released via Spinefarm records on 31st of March, 2014.

Track Listing:
1. Cross the Line
2. Starlight
3. Dawn of Your Creation
4. The Northern End
5. Incarnation
6. Run Amok
7. Unholy Deterrent
8. Sunrise in Hell
9. Salvation
10. A Divine Comedy

Dynazty are:
Nils Molin – Vocals
Love Magnusson – Guitar
George Egg – Drums
Mikael Lavér – Guitar
Jonathan Olsson – Bass

'Renatus' is definately the great step further of Dynazty trip to the heavy metal temple.

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