NORMA JEAN all set for UK Tour this month!

Following the release of Norma Jean’s 6th album Wrongdoers, the band is now embarking upon a 5-date UK tour.  The new album showed expanded categories for their life and music and received a mass of gleaming reviews.

Wrongdoers came together amidst many setbacks, frustrations and creative tensions but the resulting eleven songs stand proudly among the sharpest blades ever fashioned by the unit.

Natural expectations would peg the band’s sixth record as their most atrophied and furious. Not so. “This is an album about what connects everyone,” Says Brandan.You can hear a title like Wrongdoers and think of the word in an accusatory or hostile manner, but we see it is as a positive thing. Our wrong is something that brings everyone into the same light. No one escapes that category and it actually brings us together, we are united by it.”

Wrongdoers is not the extra chapter at the end of a great book, it’s the beginning of a whole new story. You may be familiar with the visceral language and palette employed by Norma Jean, but this is a new sound, powerfully regenerated and re-imagined for what lies ahead.

Norma JeanThe band is returning to the UK this month.

Friday 25th Manchester, Roadhouse
Saturday 26th Glasgow, Scotland Classic Grand
Sunday 27th Birmingham. A7 O2 Academy
Monday 28thSouthampton, Joiners
Tuesday 29th London, O2 Academy, Islington

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