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On 25 March 2023
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Dygora return with the aural decimation of new single 'Find Yourself (It Was A Trap)'.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had chance to review ‘Southside’ London based deathcore metallers ‘Dygora’ and it’s a welcome return as they have lost none of their don’t give a fu*k attitude when it comes to expressing their dissatisfaction of the current state of affairs with ‘Find Yourself (It Was A Trap)’, their recently released single

It seems apt as it’s available via Slam Worldwide as it’s a dyed in the wool pit opening slammer that took a few listens to work out what was going on in these four minute ear flaying minutes of insane time changes that include razor sharp riffing seismic, bass brutality, a totally demented lead vocal, wrist snapping snares and kick drum battery but I was caught off-guard when it slowed down to a snails pace for a gruelling grind for the grisly outro!

Purchase links to ‘Find Yourself (It Was A Trap)’ and other band info are here :- http://linktr.ee/dygora I http://dygora.bandcamp.com I https://www.facebook.com/DygoraBand I

Dygora band personnel :-

Omar Swaby – Lead Vocals.

Reece Beasley – Guitar.

Mark Cross – Guitar.

Archie Farrer – Bass Guitar.

Drums performed by Jack Stephens who also mixed, mastered and produced the single.

Dygora return with the aural decimation of new single 'Find Yourself (It Was A Trap)'.

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