DREADLINK – “Zero One”

Dreadlink serve up an almighty platter of modern Thrash/Death Metal which may well prove hard for others to match.
A perfect blend of growl and clean vocals from Raphael Adamek and stunning, ultra heavy guitar work by Sascha Bruggert and Jannes Carstens-Behrens make this record truly memorable. Tracks such as “Haterpillar” for example can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything Lamb Of God have released, and that’s not praise to be given out lightly. “Reinforced Concrete”, another gem, would be the catalyst for the mother of all moshpits if these guys played B.O.A. for example.
The album takes on a conceptual vision of a world dominated and controlled by faceless, anonymous groups of companies, highlighting the hopelessness of the individual, adding tales of violence and counter violence, “Fist vs. Face” and the awesome “Revolt”, complete with orchestral section convey the story superbly well.
Ten tracks, and I can’t fault any of them, if this collection of songs doesn’t get you hurling T.V.’s through windows whilst snarling like a Pitbull, then nothing will.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Soulburn Industries.
2. Fist vs. Face.
3. New Era.
4. Haterpillar.
5. Reinforced Concrete.
6. Revolt.
7. Wall.
8. Seven.
9. Red Soil.
10. Godforsaken.


Dreadlink are;
Raphael Adamek – Vocals.
Sascha Bruggert – Rhythm Guitar.
Jannes Carstens-Behrens – Lead Guitar.
Timo Herrmann – Bass.
Klas Mossakowski – Drums.

Out now on Massacre Records.




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED7rNBXJzEM&w=420&h=315]

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