15 Times Dead – Ivory Blacks Glasgow – 30/04/2011 (Gig)

15 Times Dead along with Dirty Rose should have been supporting Blaze Bayley tonight however since Blaze postponed the tour both bands went ahead and arranged the gig instead of letting their fans down.

The night started off with a local cover band Jamie Barnes and Cochise. Unfortunately we missed them playing as we were meeting up with the Welsh 15 Times Dead supports that had travelled up for the gig.

We arrived at Ivory Blacks just as Dirty Rose started off their set with the superb “Sorrows End” and then straight into “Society’s Disease”. They then played a new track “Bite the Hand”, this is a great track. The guys launched straight into “Metal Militia” and did a fantastic cover of this Metallica track. The crowd down the front were moshing along with great gusto.

After some banter with the crowd they played there last 2 songs of the evening “No Way Back” and finishing up on the “Straight From Hell”.  We all clapped and cheered as the guys left the stage.

I’d last seen Dirty Rose at kick off the Thursday night at Hammerfest in supreme style and tonight the guys were giving it their all even though it wasn’t that busy at Ivory’s. They set the crowd up nicely for the 15 Times Dead guys to taking over.

15 Times Dead are Glasgow’s self proclaimed Godfathers Of Girth! They have a very distinct style and a lot of energy on stage. Which they call Girth Metal. The band has came along way since they got their new drummer last year including winning a slot at Hard Rock Hell last December after they were finalists in the plays offs at HRH’s Highway To Hell!

The guys kicked off with a firm favourite with their fans & also Neil’s favourite track”Through These Eyes” so they even had him singing along while he was taking the pictures of the guys in action. It was a great start to the night. “No Friend of Mine”was next up.

We got treated to one of their new song that has never been played live before it’s titled “I”. “I” starts off with Slayer-ish riffs and is a solid, chunky track. “I” is def a Girth Metal track. It sounded awesome and I can’t wait to hear it again at their next gig & once they get their album released.

After some very positive feedback from us the crowd they treated us to “Dying”.”Pray” then”Driven By Hate”. Inbetween the songs the guys banter amongst themselves and with us folk at the front. They really are comical when they do this.

They guys finish up with the brilliant “Bullethead” with us all singing and jumping around to it. It was a great end to the night.

Dirty Rose



15 Times Dead



Pictures by Neil Henderson

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