DIRT – Rock’N’ Roll Accident.

Dirt come clean with an album to get low down and dirty with.Dirt_Cover_1500_MASCD0794



Some people are just born to play Metal, it’s an evolutionary thing, a thing that is encased in their DNA, surging through every sinew and blood vessel in their denim and leather clad bodies. A description that could quite easily be leveled at Sven Zaklikowski in my humble opinion. Dirt came into existence in 2008 and have one previous album under their belts, ‘Suicide Blues’, which surfaced in 2009, featuring Sven on vocals, oh and guitars, bass and drums as well. Sensibly ( and to avoid a breakdown) he has now gathered an excellent band of musicians together to release ‘Rock N Roll Accident’ and a very shrewd move it has turned out to be as well.


Billed as Southern Groove Metal this album will really rock your socks off, a rousing collection of downright dirty, sleazy, power driven Metal that certainly takes some beating.
‘Face Down’ for example has a glorious Pantera esque riff and vocal but with a perhaps more melodic vibe shining through. ’Never Change My Ways’, with its killer, slick Bass line is just as good as it gets.
The band have taken a tried and tested sound and style of Metal and put a big fat personal stamp on it, making it truly their own. ’Crush’ with its ’Children Of The Grave’ tinged riff is just pure, balls out Rock played just the way it should be played, if you can sit still whilst listening to this song then you probably have just flatlined.


Softer moments do appear on the album though, mainly in the form of ’One Step Away’ a track which has radio play stamped all over it, with it’s Sambora esque solo and piano tinklings but really the album is about plugging in, turning it up to ten and to hell with the consequences. Here is an album firing on all cylinders, brimming with kick ass rock tunes that gel superbly well, keeping you hooked throughout with its overriding desire to just get out there and party.
Highly recommended for all fans of BLS, Pantera and all riff driven Metal.

Rating 8.5/10.


Track Listing;
1. Seven Days.
2. Dirty.
3. Rock N Roll Accident.
4. Fast Lane.
5. Face Down.
6. Never Change My Ways.
7. Crush.
8. Breathe In.
9. One Step Away.
10. Nice To See You Again.

Dirt are;Dirt_Band_p_2012

Sven Zaklikowski – Vocals.
Thiemo Hille – Guitars.
Florian Stolberg – Guitars.
Marius Rebmann – Bass.
Marcel Unger – Drums.

Out now via  http://www.massacre-records.com




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptPluOYngNQ&w=420&h=315]


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