Dethrone – Incinerate All

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On 20 January 2016
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A Death Metal album to play whilst you set off for battle











One of Europe’s most exciting young Death/Thrash bands return to give your lobes a damn good pummelling with their follow up to 2013’s much acclaimed debut ‘Humanity’. And where as ‘Incinerate All’ follows the same bludgeoning formula to a certain extent, in terms of production, writing and overall delivery, this album represents a serious upping of the ante. So much so, that I can see this release turning more than a few heads

From the accelerating mayhem that heralds opening track ‘Reborn In Fire’, Dethrone make their intentions perfectly clear. This is an album that is designed to attack and destroy the senses in one foul swoop, and in that regard it’s mission accomplished. However, Dethrone don’t just chuck out noise, I was struck by how structured and mature this album sounds, from the demonic guttural vocals to the insanely rapid and rabid drumming, everything plays its part, each a highly polished cog in a large Metal wheel. From the sewer drenched ‘Rat King’, which gnaws at your ears, through to the inevitable end of…well, ‘The Inevitable End’, Dethrone never let up at all, making for one of the most powerful Death Metal albums that you will hear this year

Fans of Hatesphere and others should really lap this album up but I really hope that the overall reach goes much further, the talent is most definitely there for this band to break through to a much higher level, I can easily visualise them tearing up a major festival stage in the very near future. Of course, the Death/Thrash genre is probably limited in its wider commercial reach but that shouldn’t be seen as a barrier at all in this case. This is an album to break stuff to, an album to play whilst vanquishing your enemies and drinking wine from their freshly cleansed skulls, seek it out and buy it

Reviewers recommended track – Failure


Track Listing ;

Reborn In Fire

The Plague Carrier

Rat King

Morbid Existence

Spiritual Deception

Where Darkness Dwells

I Am God


Dawn Of Demise

The Inevitable End


Dethrone is ;

Mattias Vestlund – Vocals

David Hartikainen – Guitar

Jonas Carlsson – Guitar

Kenni Ojebrant – Bass

Simon Lundh – Drums


‘Incinerate All’ is released through Massacre Records on the 22nd of January



A Death Metal album to play whilst you set off for battle

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