Deride, ‘The Void’ cd.


Hailing from Norway this is the bands first release since deciding to take a break following 2003’s ‘First Round Knockout’. Having originally burst through on the crest of the Nu-Metal wave, thankfully they had the sense to take a step back and take stock of their career, rather than stagnate and fade into obscurity.
So what has a 9 year gap between releases achieved? Well apart from becoming a four piece Deride are now a real force to be reckoned with, having developed into a brutal, uncompromising, and technically gifted band that knock you off your feet, pick you up and hurl you against the nearest wall.
Opener ’Deathshake’ sets the pace perfectly for the rest of the album, no frills, just an out and out assault on your lugholes, with the pace refusing to relent at all, even on the slightly more experimental track ’Fallen’. The bruising vocal of Per Helge Lande is top drawer, whilst backed by some of the best bone crushing riffs you’re likely to find anywhere at the moment, the album as a whole simply can not be faulted.
If you like your Metal in the vein of Pantera, 5FDP, Devildriver etc you should really like Deride.
Out now via Massacre Records.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Deathshake.
2. I Rage.
3. Dead To Me.
4. Blood Red And Black.
5. Only One.
6. Fallen.
7. All Must Be Revealed.
8. Soul Depart.
9. Devil In Me.
10. Lesson Learned.


Deride Are;
Ole Walaunet – Guitars.
Tony Vetaas – Bass Guitar/ Vocals.
Kjetil Greve – Drums.
Per Helge Lande – Vocals.


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