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On 26 December 2021
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These four songs could be the four horsemen of the apocalypse for The Holocene Termination EP by Demonstealer!

One of the three guises of Sahil Makhija is Demonstealer who have just released their second astonishing EP The Holocene Termination. Over the last twenty years he has pushed the boundaries of Indian metal Worldwide with Demonstealer and Demonic Resurrection. This four track firestorm rages hard, leaving me breathless at times such is its tirade.

Sahil handles guitar and vocal duties backed by a stellar cast of guest musicians who recorded their parts in their own studios. Four drummers, two bass guitarists, two lead guitarists and one guest vocalist. The EP kicks off with the title track as cataclysmic kick drums threaten your hearing, as do the mauling riffs that slash and thrash over a truly unnerving vocal. As the song progresses the kick drumming reaches new levels of destruction until it turns full circle from a laid back guitar solo courtesy of Nick Padovani from Equipoise. A chanted outro vocal of “This is the ending of existence. Aeterna sun (everything decays). Aeterna sun (and the lights will fade” provide an operatic feel.

The lyrics to ‘An Epoch Of Degradation’ are as intense as the musical maelstrom that is whipped up and spewed out. Insane blast beats and an Entombed like crunch comes from guitars set to kill mode. Dizzying rhythms midway provide a brief respite until all hell breaks loose for an undulating end to the lunacy.

Devastating snare work provides the soundtrack to armageddon for ‘From Extinction Begins Evolution’ is not a four minute warning here, but a five minute one of all consuming death metal with a chilling lyric of “Only through death life begins. From extinction evolution begins”. A virtuoso guitar solo comes from Fabio Bartoletti of Fleshgod Apocalypse.

This highly impressive EP closes on my favourite track and it’s the most brutal as ‘What She Creates She Will Destroy’ has brain rattling intro hammer blow rhythms that head off to the stratosphere on adrenaline rush ferocity and a haunting chorus of “And you left me no choice. And you put me in this place. For what I created I must destroy” from Veronica Bordacchini of Fleshgod Apocalypse.

I last saw Sahil in 2018 when Demonic Resurrection tore apart a huge crowd at Bloodstock Open Air Festival on the Sophie Lancaster Stage. I bumped into him walking around the arena and we spoke about his third passion, a chef on his Headbangers Kitchen website!

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EP track listing :-

The Holocene Termination.

An Epoch Of Degradation.

From Extinction Begins Evolution.

What She Creates She Will Destroy.

EP Personnel :-

Sahil Makhija.

Eugene Ryabchenko.

Jeff Hughell.

Nick Padovani.

Krzystof Klingbein.

Anton Zhikarev.

Simon Schilling.

Fabio Bartoletti.

Robin Stone.

Veronica Bordacchini.

These four songs could be the four horsemen of the apocalypse for The Holocene Termination EP by Demonstealer!

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