Coronatus – Recreatio Carminis



Coronatus return with not one, not two but three, yes that’s right, three female singers. Original vocalist Carmen Loch returning to the fold following a ’family commitments’ break. My initial expectation was that the vocal duties would be split between the girls but no, to their credit, all three feature on nearly all of the tracks on offer.

Coronatus have always, and continue to fall into the Gothic/Symphonic Metal bracket, and so, in some respects, need to offer something a bit different to the infinite number of other bands in this somewhat over saturated genre. That is where the trio of vocalists scores well in my opinion, adding a really interesting new dimension to their musical content, and indeed musical future.

The album as a whole, is really well thought out and put together, I particularly liked the alternating between German and English language on a lot of the tracks, a trait a lot of bands seem to be leaning towards these days, and why not.

Another impressive element to the record, is the wide variance in styles, from the dark and heavy riffs of “Sternenstaub” to the highly evocative violin solo track, “Elisa (Eleven Swans)”, the band cover a heck of a lot of ground, managing to keep a fresh and melodic vibe running through every track.

The special edition version of the album also features two extra tracks from the back catalogue, which have been reworked, adding Carmen’s vocals to  the mix, which will be of particular interest to existing fans of the band.

The fifth album this may be but to a certain extent it comes across as a debut, or at the very least, marks a return to the roots of the band, scoring highly in my view from this return to basics.
A really impressive album that is well worthy of your attention.

Track Listing;

1. Ouvertüre
2. Towards Horizon
3. In Meinem Reich
4. The Monk
5. Schwester
6. Der Gesandte
7. Winterrosen
8. Elisa (Eleven Swans)
9. Sternenstaub
10. So Tanzt!
11. Erhebt Die Wogen
12. Fernes Land (Bonus Track)
13. Sie Stehen Am Weg (Bonus Track)coronatus_band_2013

Coronatus are;

Carmen R. Lorch – Vocals
Ada Flechtner – Vocals
Mareike Makosch – Vocals
Aria Keramati Noori – Guitars
Dirk Baur – Bass (Live)
Mats Kurth – Drums

Out now on Massacre Records

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