Children of Bodom – ABC Glasgow – 03/04/2011 (Gig)

Finnish Metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM recently came to the shores of Glasgow as part of the Ugly World UK Tour with support from Machinae Supremacey, Ensiferum and Viking Gods AMON AMARTH…Oden hear my cry!

The main support on the night came from Amon Amarth who are also touring a newly released album ‘Surfur Rising’ Their set on the night went down a storm with the Glasgow Crowd, a well balanced mix of Amon Amarth classics; ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’ and the new tracks off the recent release.

Throughout the set the crowd showed no signs of dropping the high atmospheric levels with the constant battle shouts and warrior cries of Oden!! Having seen Amon Amarth many times before, the show that night didn’t disappoint once again and the Amarth Vikings played out an implausible set closing on Cry of the Blackbird to a more than satisfied crowd  8/10

Headline act Children of Bodom took to the stage with enormous energy and kicked off the set with ‘Not My Funeral’ to the masses that make up the Bodom Army cheeky appearance of Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer started by Janne was added into the setlist due to a slight technical hitch with Roopes guitar amp, but this did not faze the crowd whatsoever, in fact Alexi sang in unison with the crowd until the problem was fixed!

The band quickly refocused on their set and played through the Bodom classics of ‘Needled 24/7’,’Hate Me’ and ‘Angels Don’t Kill’ as well as the new tracks which erupted the crowd into a fury of circle pits and crowd surfers! The new tracks playing live certainly bring a new energy to the critically reviewed ‘Relentless, Reckless Forever’  Despite missing a crowd united favourite; ‘Are you Dead Yet’ the band closed the show with ‘Hatecrew Deathroll’ to what can only be described as an over-satisfied and content crowd with the ongoing outs for encores well after the hall lights came up and the band had left the stage.

Children of Bodom played a blinding set proving they still have what it takes to be up there amongst the top metal acts in the music community.

Rating  9/10

Children of Bodom Set List:

Not My Funeral

Bodom Beach Terror

Livin on a Prayer (technical difficulties)

Needled 24/7

Ugly/Relentless Reckless Forever

Roundtrip to Hell and Back

In Your Face

Living Dead Beat

Children of Bodom

Hate Me


Shovel Knockout

Angels Don’t Kill

Follow the Reaper


Was it Worth it

HateCrew Deathroll


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