Saxon – ABC Glasgow – 14/04/2011 (Gig)

Just to be a bit different, reviews of Fury UK & Wolfsbane sets were done at the Manchester gig. They will be posted soon. I got to review the Scottish Saxon set.

After a great set from Fury UK and a wickedly wild one from Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane had whipped the crowd up into a frenzy and left us more than ready for Saxon to come on.

After Wolfsbane had left the stage, I headed across to their Meet & Greet at the merch stall. I bought their cd˜Did It for the Money’ EP and got it signed by the band. I managed this just in time for Saxon coming on.

Saxon starts off the night with Hammer of the Gods then straight into Heavy Metal Thunder. Biff and the guys are on great form tonight and are sounding amazing. Biff takes control of the crowd straight from the start and working his magic on us all.

While Saxon rips through the set the crowd needs no encouragement to sing along and have a superb time enjoying everything that is on offer. While the majority of the crowd are more mature, well Saxon have been around since 1976, it was good to see a lot of younger people there, headbanging  & singing along to the classics. Dallas 1pm and then Call To Arms went down superbly with the crowd.

When Saxon goes off stage and comes back on for the encore the crowd goes wild, all bouncing and signing along to Crusader and 747 Strangers.

The band leaves the stage again and we wait to see if they will come back on! They do and treat us to Strong Arm and finish up on the Wheels Of Steel.

It was a great night and we were treated to nearly 2 hours of Saxon playing a great mix of new songs and old favourites.

Tonight’s set list

Hammer Of The Gods

Heavy Metal Thunder

Back In ’79

Never Surrender

Got To Rock

Dallas 1pm

Call To arms

Solid Ball Of Rock

Sweeny Todd

Bands Played On

Man & Machine

Play It Loud

Doomsday Comes

To Hell & Back Again

Motorcycle man

Denim & Leather

Princess Of The Night

Encore 1


747 Strangers

Encore 2

Strong Arm

Wheels Of Steel


Photos supplied by Neil Henderson

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