Caustic Vomit – Festering Odes To Deformity

Caustic Vomit

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On 4 January 2019
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Superb Death/Doom demo to scare the crap out of the neighbours

Caustic Vomit unleash a mind warping beast of a demo in the form of ‘Festering Odes To Deformity’


That first listen of an Album/EP/Demo is a defining moment. Although your feelings may change or alter over the course of multiple spins, a lot depends on that initial exposure. I guess I must have just been in that sweet spot when clicking play on this three track demo, as it totally floored me. So heavy, so brutal, so tortured, and yet so good; I became fully engrossed within a matter of seconds.


Although a three track, this demo sure packs a punch coming in at over thirty minutes running time, and as the band name and demo title may suggest, it is notably devoid of ballads and flower filled meadows.


Kicking off with ‘Immured In Devouring Rot’, this is Blackened Doom at its most unholy divine, with majestic and timeless juggernaut riffs that just sound so raw and uncomplicated. A shiver runs down your spine as the gutteral growl sears forth, so low and subdued that it practically melts into the background. The almost static pace of ‘Churning Bowel Tunnels’ is simply stunning as the drudgery and despair seep through your speakers, before an incredibly slick mid paced section just takes your breath away, leading to soaring guitar solos that just appear from the ether delivering a perfect fade away. Finishing with ‘Once Coffined Malformities’ with its forboding bell clanging against a riff so funereal that you practically flatline whilst listening, before a cacophony of manic soloing drives you forward on a tortured wave.


This is an absolute must for lovers of Doom and the dark side, a total beast of a demo. Available for pre order on cassette.

Released via Redefining Darkness Records on February 15th


Recommended Track – All Of Them


Line Up,
S. – Guitars / Vox
R. – Guitars
M. – Bass
L. – Drums


Superb Death/Doom demo to scare the crap out of the neighbours

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