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Mozes and the Firstborn

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On 5 January 2019
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Dutch band Mozes and the Firstborn are described as unpredictable – and they see that as a compliment. It’s certainly a good description of their new album – Dadcore. It’s a mix of grungey garage rock and pop

The press release for the album had this to say…”Ask an average 15 year old kid nowadays what rock music means to him and they’ll probably say: “That’s something my dad listens to”. With ‘Dadcore’, Mozes and the Firstborn embrace this sentiment by exploring their favorite styles within the paternal genre.”

I have to say that I think they’ve missed their target if that was their aim – a 15 year old would have been born in 2003/2004, and the songs on this album seem to be more of an early 2000’s style, so not the sort of thing many of their Dads would have been listening to – think Bowling for soup – i.e. American pop punk, and that’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

Although there are 19 tracks on the album, 7 of them are just a few seconds long and seem to serve no purpose other than to let them spell out D A D C O R E in the list of tracks.

It’s actually a pretty good album – it’s not my thing musically but they’re good at what they do and it’s nice to see bands doing something a bit different.

“Dadcore” will be released on 25th January 2019


1. D
2. Dadcore (feat. together PANGEA)
3. A
4. If I
5. Baldy
6. D
7. Sad Supermarket Song
8. Fly Out I
9. Blow Up
10. C
11. Hello
12. O
13. Scotch Tape/Stick With Me (feat. Kelsey Reckling)
14. We’re All Saints
15. R
16. Amen
17. E
18. Fly Out II

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