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Bury Tomorrow

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On 19 August 2014
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A must buy for lovers of fast and frantic metalcore

Bury_Tomorrow_-_Runes_album_coverReleased on Nuclear Blast, Bury Tomorrow’s third addition to their album family is the thirteen track opus, Runes. Having been released back in late May 2014, this latest offering follows Portraits, (2009) and Union of Crowns (2012). Kristan Dawson joins as lead guitarist for this album, taking over from Mehdi Vismara. The album opens with a killer track called ‘Man on Fire’, a fine example of B.T at their metalcore best, providing an infectious catchy melody against a backdrop of growly deep vocals. This is often described as ‘Unclean’ a term I am not fond of but refers to the deeper darker vocal voiced Daniel Winter-Bates who provides the gravelly  tones expertly executed in contrast to Jason Cameron’s smooth range . This is layered with heavy riffs and climactic melody helped by Davyd Winter Bates on bass, and pounded beats from demon drummer from hell, Adam Jackson.

The album’s first few listens after this monumental opening track dwindled somewhat, but after being surgically attached to my iPhone for the last month, each listen has drawn me further down the Bury Tomorrow rabbit hole. I’ve been sucked in, tempted with the musical delights such as the beautifully worded and protective ‘Watcher’ and ‘the torch’. The album keeps fast paced with riffs attacking the ear with unstoppable speed especially on the anthemic ‘Under the Sun’ and the despairing ‘Darker water’. The melodic outro from ‘Garden of Thorns’ leads teasingly to ‘Divine Breath’ with a short interlude that shows diversity and depth of vocal range; a nice glimpse of the band’s genre diversity.

All tracks have been woven together to create a fabric of well devised music, the album title, named after rune poems is a constant theme reflected in the artwork and song titles. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable album for the band to be proud of.

Bury Tomorrow are

Davyd Winter Bates – Bass
Daniel Winter Bates – Vocals
Adam Jackson – Drums
Jason Cameron – Vocals/Guitars
Kristan Dawson- Guitars

Runes Tracklisting

1 Man on Fire

2 Shadow a creator

3 The torch

4 Watcher

5 Our Gift

6 Darker Water

7 Another journey

8 Under the sun

9 Year of the harvest

10 Garden of thorns

11 Divine Breath

12 Of glory

13 Last of the ice


A must buy for lovers of fast and frantic metalcore

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