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Wasp Mother

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On 5 January 2024
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Wasp Mother EP Digital Pollution, due out on Jan.19th 2024, delivers a painful sting in its tail.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard a band as brutal as Wasp Mother, since buying albums by Napalm Death, Brujeria, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror etc, many years ago, but that’s all changed since hearing their Digital Pollution EP, due for release on January 19th 2024, following their Self Loathing EP.

Formed in Weymouth, Massachusetts, 2021, they’ve certainly ripped up the rule book, and spew out six overwhelming tracks, opening up with ‘Gravemouth’, as an ear splitting whine hurtles straight into a claustrophobic grind, then in the blink of an eye, heads off into light speed rhythms, pinned down by a furious drum assault and guttural vocals.

‘Burnout’ crashes and burns out in just under a minute of skin flaying fury, and drums strangely sounded like a souped up ‘Living After Midnight’! A lung busting vocal tirade steals the spotlight from this unholy rant that surely needs exorcising!

‘Boring’ is all Godzilla stomps and blast beat belligerence that make for a terrifying, but also a thought provoking listen, amongst all the brain scything madness its puking up!

‘Hubris’ is akin to being trapped in the eye of a storm as blast beats add to the unfolding chaos that throws you around a brain mangling bass bombast, as lyrics are spat out at auctioneer speed.

‘Akathisia’ arrives and leaves in the blink of an eye of demented death metal.

This crushing EP ends on ‘Pale’, a nightmare evoking dirge, like trying to drag yourself out of quicksand for five ferocious minutes of Thor hammer blow dynamics, bringing to mind the crunch of early Entombed!

Wasp Mother band links are here :- http://waspmother.com

Digital Pollution track listing :-







Wasp Mother band personnel :-

Jenny – Vox.

Kevin – Guitar/Vox.

George – Drums.

Pete – Bass.

Wasp Mother EP Digital Pollution, due out on Jan.19th 2024, delivers a painful sting in its tail.

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