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Burden Of Grief

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On 13 March 2018
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The German veterans deliver without doubt their finest work to date

Burden Of Grief return after a four year wait with their thunder charged new album ‘Eye Of The Storm’

Great to have these guys back armed with new material, ‘Eye Of The Storm’ being their first offering since 2014’s ‘Unchained’. Obviously re invigorated and fully charged, this album certainly knows how to blow away those cobwebs and shake you to the core. The false sense of security given by the restrained and controlled intro ‘Inception’ lasts only a mere matter of seconds as the title track roars in with all the subtlety of a brick, casting aside any doubt that things have mellowed since the last album. Mike Huhmann’s vocal  cuts through like a manic chainsaw, as a barrage of brutal yet melodic riffs pile down upon you one after the other. No surprise I guess, after all, Burden Of Grief having been honing their craft now since 1994, and the German quintet seem to be peaking with this record. ‘A Dying Breed’, in my view, showcases the band exceptionally well, an unrelenting torrent of catchy and bludgeoning riffs partnered with some really top quality solos and again, the aforementioned hard hitting vocal. Having said that, you will be hard pushed to find any track on here that lets the side down in the slightest, yes ok, the album is not going to throw a curve ball and hit you with a ballad any time soon but that is most definitely not what the band are about.

Where Burden Of Grief score big in my opinion is the way they are committed to playing to their strengths, sticking to the tried and tested formula but at the same time continuously searching where the Death Metal genres boundaries can be pushed to, and as such the album is actually really diverse. A big round of applause as well for the work on the production sound, highly polished and professional, a fact which also adds greatly to the albums appeal

Germany, has and always will have an incredibly strong and vibrant Metal scene, and with Burden Of Grief at the helm, that’s a scenario that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon

Recommended Track –  Eye Of The Storm


Track Listing ;

  1. Inception (Intro)
  2. Eye Of The Storm
  3. The Angel
  4. Broken
  5. Wolf Moon
  6. Killing Spree
  7. Breathe One’s Last
  8. A Dying Breed
  9. Maze Of Absurdity
  10. Zero Gravity
  11. The Funeral Cortege



Mike Huhmann – Vocals

Philipp Hanfland – Guitars

Johannes Rudolph – Guitars

Florian Bauer – Bass

Sebastian Robrecht – Drums

Eye Of The Storm is released via Massacre Records on May 4th



The German veterans deliver without doubt their finest work to date

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