Born to Destruct – On the Fourth Day of Christmas If You Want Destruction – You Got It!

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Born to Destruct

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On 17 December 2014
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A worthy four stars for Born to Destruct, A British Punk Band reminiscent of Booze and Glory and 2 Sick Monkeys elements of Play Dead, Ministry, Judas Priest, Spodgenessabounds and even a bit of Sandie Shaw!


On the fourth day of Christmas PlanetMosh gave to me Born to Destruct and their album If You Want Destruction – You Got It to review. Born to Destruct are a four piece Punk band from ‘Your Heart’ or so they say on Facebook, never heard of that town. Maybe it’s somewhere down South in Hertforshire! Fronted by Woodstock Punkrock owner of Punk Rock Legend Punkbob, the coolest cat on the punk scene, who looks all sweet and innocent but was born to cause havoc and destruction and chased after my ‘Four Calling Birds’ who, luckily, managed to fly away! Born to Destruct released their seventh album If You Want Destruction – You Got It on the 12th December 2012. You can read a full biography here and a PlanetMosh review of them supporting Dirt Box Disco here.

Born to Destruct
Born to Destruct

The album manages to pack fifteen songs into around forty minutes, overall they reminded me of bands like Booze and Glory and 2 Sick Monkeys and as I’ve said in previous reviews, with so many tracks I’m not going to cover every single one but, here are some highlights and/or similarities I picked up, not necessarily in the whole song maybe just an intro, a riff or a beat. The opening track Drop the Needle is a great one to open, about putting a needle on vinyl, a long forgotten pleasure! Turn on the Radio reminded me of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps by Splodgenessabounds. Blowtorch had elements of Shot by Both Sides by Magazine. Now when I’m reviewing I always pick up something unexpected (and possibly alarming), why I would pick up Sandie Shaw’s Always Something There to Remind Me in a song titled Shitty Way to Go, who knows, but I did! The next song Head Grenade had similarities to Ministry’s New World Order. which is more in line with what you might expect to pick up in a punk sung! Twisted Wheel a Living After Midnight by Judas Priest start. The inaptly named One Minute as at nearly five minutes it’s the longest track on the album intentionally includes the lyrics ‘John You Should Be Dancing’ is that the Bee Gees? Yikes! Plus possibly some other lyrics from popular songs plus a bit of Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself tunage. Give Me One Good Reason, a bit of Walk Away by Play Dead although that may have been due to the lyrics ‘Walk Away’ and it’s the only Play Dead song I know anyway! True Story perhaps Placebo meets The Sisters of Mercy and last but not least Dead Trigger which reminded me of The Exploited say Driving Me Insane meets Chaos is my Life both from their Fuck the System album.

Well produced, a good album from Born to Destruct which should appeal to fans of the bands mentioned, although perhaps not Bee Gees fans!

Highlight Track: Drop the Needle closely followed by Dead Trigger



4-BACK (1)


Band Members:- Woodstock Punkrock / Stu Spider Fingers / Paul Moose /Jack Destruct /Part-time Daiv Tap)

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A worthy four stars for Born to Destruct, A British Punk Band reminiscent of Booze and Glory and 2 Sick Monkeys elements of Play Dead, Ministry, Judas Priest, Spodgenessabounds and even a bit of Sandie Shaw!

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