Joe Elliott – Belfast, 17 December 2014

As Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott brought his self-described “little side project” to Belfast for the penultimate night of the ‘Further Adventures Of The Down ‘N’ Outz’ tour, PM pulled up to venue, took the lift to the third floor and sat ourselves down on a rather nice leather sofa for a chat with the charismatic singer.

With the sound of support band Vega pummelling through the floor below us – and the singer battling the dreaded lurgy – we started off with the current state of health of fellow Lep Vivian Campbell, and progressed to the band’s plans for 2015 – including a new album this coming Spring, a string of European festival dates and a planned UK/Ireland tour for late in the year – as well as, of course, the current state of play in relation to the Down ‘N’ Outz, and their plans for a new, self-written album (all in due course, understandably, for one of the busiest men in rock ‘n’ roll…):

The Down ‘N’ Outz tour finishes in Dublin tonight (Thursday 18 December).

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