Blood God – Blood Is My Trademark

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Blood God

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On 26 August 2014
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Ten tracks of pure Metal, totally irresistible. If you don't like this album, check yourself for a pulse





Sometimes, an album falls into your lap, that restores your faith in all that is Heavy Metal. Whilst it is always beneficial, and indeed, essential , for the music we love and worship to evolve and explore different avenues, sometimes, it is just great to get back to the nuts and bolts, and let rip.

This marks the second album for the boys from Blood God, following on from 2012’s very well received  debut, ’No Brain But Balls’, and basically continues where they left off. Imagine a sound where AC/DC meet early Accept, with Airbourne thrown in for good measure, and you are on your way to grasping a slab of Blood God. Launching straight into ’Slaughterman’, you are instantly thrown from your seat and out into the pit, a deliciously infectious and impossible to resist riff, demanding every limb that you have, shakes, pumps, bangs and jumps along in unison.

Wave after wave of unrelenting, djent free tracks follow, powered by riffs that Lord Malcolm of Young would be licking his lips at, groundbreaking it may well not be but this kicks everything else into touch. Sod your Ice Bucket Challenge, I challenge anyone to listen to this album and sit still.

The band stems from the twisted mind of Thomas Gurrath of Debauchery infamy, and visually the band follow the same theme of blood, semi clad women, blood and more blood but musically Blood God tread a different path, a path worn down by the influence of Priest, DC, and many another classic riff exponent, a sound steeped in tradition but this is no homage album, this is an album that takes on the mantel, and thrusts on ever forward. The title track for example, is just indicative of what the band can produce, wonderfully created and performed, a highly polished production sound that still manages to capture the raw energy, keeping the frills to a bare minimum. ’World Of Blood Gods’, a fist pumping feast of Metal, is just another track to mention but, in all honesty, there is not a weak track to speak of, ten tracks of such glorious magnitude, that it should be made compulsory for every Metalhead to own this album.

If you can get your hands on the Digipak Bonus CD version of the album, then do so, an extra CD with the same track listing but all delivered with Death Metal vocal, which is a really great idea, all tracks sounding totally fresh and different. However, it is disc one that comes up trumps, pass this one by at your peril.

Track Listing;

1. Slaughterman
2. The Monstermaker
3. Defenders Of The Throne Of Fire
4. Warhordes From The Underworld
5. The Carnager
6. Sexy Music For Sexy People
7. Blood Is My Trademark
8. World Of Blood Gods
9. Mr Kill
10. Dragonbeasts Are Risingblood god band



Blood God are;

Mr. Debauchery – Vocals and Guitars
Mr. Kill – Guitars
Mr. Blood – Bass
Mr. Death – Drums

Out now via Massacre Records




Ten tracks of pure Metal, totally irresistible. If you don't like this album, check yourself for a pulse

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