BLASTFEST announce first round of bands

At the peak of the summer festival season, one particular festival has only just begun to make its first announcements. Opting to bring a legion of the worlds finest extreme metal to the masses in the heart of winter, it can only be one such festival we’re talking about… BLASTFEST!

Held in Bergen, on the beautiful west coast of Norway and filling the gap left in the wake of Hole In The Sky; Blastfest was put firmly on the map when it played host to bands such as Hypocrisy, My Dying Bride, Triptykon, Aborted, Vader, Marduk and many more in February 2014.

Just days after the extremely successful first instalment of Blastfest, 19-21st February 2015 was announced as a day metalheads worldwide should mark in their diary and today we can unveil the first round of band announcements for the festival 2015.

Tsjuder – Catering to the black metal purists, Tsjuder are the first band to be welcomed to the Blastfest 2015 lineup; a band that still tends to that first blaze in the northern sky!

Craft – For their debut show in Norway and their second show ever, legendary Swedes Craft have been invited to Bergen and will no doubt turn the earth into a raging blaze with their misanthropic rock and black metal!

Alfahanne – A second dousing from the other side of the Norwegian/Swedish border; Alfahanne are coming with their amalgamation of punk, black metal and general darkness, alfopocalyptic rock!

Sarkom – Treading further down the already pitch-black path set by the first three bands, Blastfest have delved even further into the darkness with the self-proclaimed doomsday elite, Sarkom! And judging by their most recent album ‘Bestial Supremacy’, they are indeed black metal elite.

Den Saakaldte – With a name drawing on inspiration from eclectic cult group Ved Buens Ende, Den Saakaldte will be present in Bergen for what shapes up to be a pure holocaust for the senses! Mind you, this band is comprised of members that have also been part of stalwart acts like 1349, Naer Mataron, Dødheimsgard, Pantheon I, Nidingr and Koldbrann. Beware!

Asphyx – With all this black metal it of course wouldn’t be a proper Blastfest without some death metal and Blastfest are indeed very keen to provide death… the brutal way! Asphyx, the cult death metallers from The Netherlands will be returning to Bergen for the first time since 2008. Expect classics and top picks from the latest album ‘Deathhammer’!

Impaled Nazarene – Finnish Armageddon death squad: Impaled Nazarene! Some bands are cult acts, Impaled Nazarene are one of those. They have not set foot in Bergen since their completely crazy performance at Hole in the sky in 2002. Now they are coming back with their original pig rig, goat perversion and motorpenises!

Esoteric – For the first time ever in Bergen: Esoteric, the classic and critically acclaimed UK funeral doom/death metal act will bring their paragon of dissonance to the Western shores of Norway. This will be the perfect soundtrack to the gloom of the Norwegian winter!

Endstille – Turning the Stalinorgel to a doomsday major Blastfest will be presenting Endstille! These German black metallers will engage in ‘Operation Wintersturm’ in February, no retreat, no surrender! No capitulation in 2015, not for Blastfest!

Baptism – Suomi Finland Perkele! Oh yeah, there will be more Finns added to the 2015 edition of Blastfest. Baptism are coming with their grim arts of melancholy.

Bölzer – Last but not least, in the world of up-and-coming extreme metal acts one such band that should be on everyone’s radar is Bölzer. These Swiss metallers just showcased themselves at Maryland Deathfest, and in February they will be in Bergen!

Blastfest will be held 19-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

3 Days | 9 Stages | 45 Bands | Exhibitions | Clinics | Stand Up Comedy | Tattoo Convention | Theme DJ’s

Tickets on sale now:

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