Black Rose – Cure For Your Disease.



So what do you get if you merge the spirit of nwobhm with the likes of AC/DC, Motley Crue, Wasp, Van Halen  and Y&T? The answer is Cure For Your Disease by Black Rose! It’s the sort of album to play before going to a gig to put you in the party spirit as the energy released on these 12 tracks has no bounds!

Black Rose were formed in Middlesborough way back in 1980, broke up in 1989 but reformed in 2003. Cure For Your Disease is their 3rd full length studio album, recorded at the studio of lead vocalist/guitarist Steve Bardsley.Independently released in 2010 it now has a 2012 release on Metalizer Records.

Cure For Your Disease is one long adrenaline rush of crunching riffs, Eddie Van Halen solos/fills and some lyrics that would even shock Steel Panther!The album begins with the title track, all ACDC riffs reminiscent of It’s A Long Way To The Top with a huge band chorus, multi guitar fills and an Alice Cooper style vocal delivery. Other album highlights are Sign Of The Times, like a heavier Skid Row and outrageous guitar solos! Twice Shy, Once Bitten has a rolling main guitar riff similar to Accept’s Balls To The Wall with yet more dazzling fretboard work.

Fight For Your Life is like a heavier Motley Crue with massive riffs and guitar solos to match. Baby Believe Me is destined to be a big stadium ballad. In the style of the Scorpion’s song Still Loving You, it brings the mood of the album down but the vocal delivery by Steve Bardsley is showstopping! Standout album track for me is Love Addiction, like a more uptempo Showtime by Dave Lee Roth, again with stunning guitar fills/leads.

Got Me Where You Want Me is heavy, driving glam rock and the guitar solos alone send it into the stratosphere. Rock Renegade is an anthem for heavy metal fans with a riff like Make It Real, again by the Scorpions. Steve sings like Jon Bon Jovi with some gonzo lyrics like  ” Put on your studs and leather, with your old blue jeans. It’s time to swear your allegiance, to a sound that screams ” and ” So get down to the party and be part of the horde. God bless the electric guitar and who invented the power chord! “.

So there it is, Cure For Your Disease, the perfect album to blast out in the car with the windows down! A feelgood metal metal album with a commercial edge.


Cure For Your Disease album band line up :-

Chris Watson – Guitar.                                                                                                                            

Ian Iredale – Guitar.

Mal Smith – Drums.

Kiko Rivers – Bass.

Steve Bardsley – Vocals/guitar.


Black Rose current band line up :-

Steve Bardsley – Vocals/guitar.

Kiko Rivers – Bass.

Chris Bonnett – Drums.

Kenny Nicholson – Guitar.


Cure For Your Disease track listing :-

Cure For Your Disease.

Sign Of The Times.

Twice Shy, Once Bitten.

Fight For Your Life.


Baby Believe Me.

Love Addiction.

Killing Yourself To Live.

Got Me Where You Want Me.

Rock Renegade.

Take It Easy.

So Predictable.

I award the album 9/10.


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