Black Messiah – The Final Journey

February 24th sees the release of Black Messiah’s fifth album The Final Journey.  Founded in 1994, this band originally paid tribute to their black metal idols, but over the years have developed their own pagan metal style.  Though the band has seen many changes in membership over the years, one thing that remains the same; the front man, Zagan.  A classically trained musician he provides vocals, guitar and violin for the new album.

Windloni is the first track (see YouTube for a sneak preview of their upcoming video) which has a dramatic lead up for the first half of the song.   This is followed by Der Ring Mit Dem Kreuz, which even if you do not speak German, will soon have you singing along (or was that just me?).   I would also recommend Into the unfathomed tower (A tribute to candlemass) as a great example of the use of violins.

The last four songs of the album are dedicated to the The Naglfar Saga which tells you of a ship that holds the souls of those dammed to hell for their sins.  Not only is it nice to know where I and many others may end up, it’s also a great way to end the album (especially the penultimate song, On Board).

Overall there’s enough variance, depth and fast paced guitars and drumming to keep you listening over again, as well as giving you amply opportunity for some well placed head banging.  The album is called The Final Journey and it certainly carries you along with it.  This is my first taste of Black Messiah and on this evidence I will definitely be buying a ticket should their next tour bring them to London.

Buy this album!  And remember…… behave, or you know where you’ll end up!

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