Savage Outlaw – EP (CD)

Us entertainment reviewers are lucky guys and girls you know, after all we quite often get to attend gigs for free, we receive countless promo CDs and merchandise items, and if we are very lucky we even get to meet some of our heroes along the way. Whilst these perks of the job are indeed nice ones to get, I myself enjoy the fact that this job allows me the opportunity to help musicians, promoters and individuals pursue their dreams.

That is why I respect artist’s music whether it is in a genre I enjoy or not. Sometimes those things we fear we’ll dislike can be surprise hits and maybe even open our (sometimes jaded eyes to new genres/styles). However I digress slightly from my point, the other thing I like to see are bands who grab the bull by horns and track individuals like myself down to peddle their wares. I cannot say how important it is for a band to show eagerness and willing to get their work to the right people in this often cut throat business.

One such band are the UK’s own Savage Outlaw, who this reviewer was fortunate to catch live a few months back. They may be already well on their to bigger and better things after receiving the nod to become a part of 2012’s Hammerfest festival, but they still wish to raise their profile with a review on this very  website  and since they made all the effort to track me down I can’t let that go unmentioned.

Hailing from the North West of the England this five-piece hard rock outfit have been working their way up the bill across the UK mainland for a while now and in timely fashion they seem set to reap what they have sown. With some pretty impressive gigs under their belts this year already, the Hammerfest gig will surely see Savage Outlaw’s popularity and demand grow.

This five track EP showcases the classic rock influenced ensemble perfectly, highlighting their catchy and guitar heavy sound. Each track has a nice energetic vibe to it, with a lyrically sound vocal to accompany the well strung together hooks and beats that one would expect from a well put together heavy-type rock act these days.

Of the songs presented the readily available for download ‘Twisted Romeo’ is perhaps the standout one, balancing perfectly the creativity, enthusiasm and solid performance that this up and coming band possess. However to be perfectly honest there’s nothing wrong with the others either, I’m sure many of us will be front and centre for the Savage Outlaw Hammerfest spot and if you get your hands on this EP you will surely be too.


Written by Philip Allely

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